7 Speed Reading Review – Scam?

Competency in reading is an essential for the people in this busy world. People find it difficult to read even the newspapers and hence just skim through it to get a gist of it. And also reading competency is being tested in many professional entrance examinations such as the GRE, TOEFL etc. To train the people in these concerns, 7 Speed Reading is a software program that provides a way to master speed reading. After mastering, this software assures with 3 times improvement on reading speed with great level of comprehension and improved memory. It opens the gate for knowledge which is a most valuable commodity in current scenario and it is essential for the individuals to take control of the reading skills in order to take the information overload. For more information of this product with its benefits, visit the 7 Speed Reading Review which is available on the official website.

Why 7 Speed Reading?

7 Speed Reading is the only software that uses the latest and the modern technologies and provides excellent results. Existing software program are not as productive as this. The simplicity of the program plays an important role in making this product the best. It facilitates 7 simple strategies for attaining speed in reading with great level of understanding and improved memory. 7 Speed Reading has the exact in-need feature that provides step by step procedures that improves the reading speed, level by level. Another major reason which makes this the most preferred is that it enables to track our progress through the learning and assess ourselves and adapt to the changes required.

Features of 7 Speed Reading

7 Speed Reading offers 7 golden strategies to improve our reading speed and this is the striking feature of this program. The first strategy offers 15 training activities which are designed for separate aspects of reading and comprehension. As a result the information processing, memory and comprehension shows a significant improvement. The second strategy provides step by step modules that assist in the tasks along with video support. This makes it more users friendly. The next important feature is that it uses the Wiki-ConnectTM Technology that offers a powerful reading at high speed while discovering amazing facts. 7 Speed Reading also offers the feature of tracking our progress on our reading speed and allows a way to adapt to the changes required in our learning. And finally it is the only product that includes sections on the control of eye and body health. It provides exercises in the eye health and avoids strain.

My Experience with 7 Speed Reading

I take this golden opportunity to thank 7 Speed Reading because it boosted my reading speed to a level which I have never ever thought off. In many competitive exams, I was tested with reading comprehension, where large number of lines is to be read and answered in a very very short duration which required huge training. And I was burned quite a number of time on reading cheap e-books on reading speeds. After using this product, I was strongly motivated on improving my reading skills because it paved a way for building a confidence that I can definitely improve. The extreme level of user friendliness with video guidance reduced the need to learn the software and hence waste my valuable time. And now I could just fly through the newspapers, web pages, e-mails etc. because it made the learnt reading speed persistent with me. Finally I would suggest that 7 Speed Reading is the one that is the demand in this busy world and no other services could match this great program.

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