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I’s hard to say whether a product is a scam or not. But I will give you full review of Advanced Registry Optimizer and also recommend you a better one for you. You are luck here when you are ready to purchase Advanced Registry Optimizer (ARO), because ARO is not really as good as they said and the pricing of ARO is a little high. I am at the dedicated PC Tools Blog and are willing to recommend you the best one according to your concerns.

In a nutshell, the best comprehensive pc tool which can fully replace Advanced Registry Optimizer and can solve your daily computer issues is Advanced System Optimizer(ASO)

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Overview of ASO 

image Name: Advanced System Optimizer

Current Version: 3.1

Manufacturer: Systweaker

Rating: 5 Stars

Price of One License  : $39.95 / £25.80 / €31.06

System supported: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32bit & 64bit)

Review of Advanced System Optimizer

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Comparison Between ASO and ARO 

Below I will give you a full comparison between Advanced System Optimizer and Advanced Registry Optimizer.

Feature Comparison:

You can find from the screenshots below : the features of Advanced System Optimizer is highly more than those of Advanced Registry Optimizer. With ASO, you can do almost anything of cleaning system, backup & recovery, speeding up, improve security & protect piracy, registry optimizer and cleaner, regular maintenance. And the features are more and more since the developing team is working hard on it. While, you only get get poor features with Advanced Registry Optimizer with same or more than pricing of Advanced System Optimizer.


Screenshot of Advanced System Optimizer


Screenshot of Advanced Registry Optimizer


Performance & Efficiency Comparison:

According to my experience and tests, the performance of Advanced System Optimizer is truly awesome, such as cleaning registry cleaner – more invalid and errors can found and fixed than other tools. The Advanced Registry Optimizer which can do a good job in the old days. Nowadays, I don’t know why performance and efficiency of ARO is not so good.

Bonus Comparison:

Now, you can get free Photo Studio by purchasing the discount Advanced System Optimizer. And no bonus are available with Advanced Registry System.

Supported Configurations:

Advanced System Optimizer supports all Windows OS, while Advanced Registry Optimizer doesn’t support Windows 7.

Customer Supports:

Both of the two products offer not bad customer supports.

Pricing Comparison:

With so many benefits inside Advanced system Optimizer , I can’t believe the price is only $29.95 and I bought it immediately. With 30 day full money back guarantee, you don’t need to worry anything. So Get it now with $29.95 instead of $39.95. Pricing of ARO is $39.95 as I known. So the cost-efficient one is Advanced system Optimizer.



If you are looking for a all-in-one pc powersuite with cost-efficient price , Advanced System Optimizer is the most recommended one. Since they offer full money back guarantee and you will lose nothing. So don’t wait, Try Advanced System Optimizer immediately and don’t waste time on Advanced Registry Optimizer.


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