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    Malwarebytes Review 

    Overview of Malwarebytes

    Protection against virus and malware is what Malwarebytes offered. You can find your Malware anti virus to protect your computer from malware or spyware attack. It is easy to be installed and you should not worry because it can work fast in detect malware attack and automatically will remove or repair your file that get malware attack. People respond good to this malware anti virus. It is special anti virus for malware virus. Malware, spyware, and other viruses will dangerous for your pc so it is better to install malware anti virus now in your pc.

    Features of Malwarebytes

    When you want to download the malware anti virus, you need to read the features first and please make sure that the features are suitable with your computer. This anti-virus will be easy to be installed in pc with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7. You can find it in some sites. You just need to search malware anti virus and you will get free site too download your anti virus. This anti virus is 9.4 MB size so you need to provide space at least 10 MB for your new anti viruses. It is common size for all anti virus and protection for you computer. There are some sites offer you free trial malware anti viruses for you. You can use it to know about the effect of this anti virus for your computer. When you want to use this anti virus for long time, you better buy it. You can pay this anti virus by pay at $ 24.95. Then you better download version because it is the newest version of Malware anti virus. This anti virus has already become the first rank spyware removers that will be effective in removing all viruses in your pc.


    The Good of Malwarebytes

    As it is said above, this product will be effective to remove all attacks such as worms, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, and dialers. It will be specific to attack malware attacks. Malware is worst viruses and it is difficult to detect but by using this product, you can easy find and remove malware viruses.

    The Bad of Malwarebytes

    In order to remove malware viruses, your computer and this software must work hard and it will reduce your computer connection. Sometimes when your computer get some dangerous attacks of viruses that are not inside of this product authority, this product will not able to remove it and your computer will be infected with new viruses.

    The Verdict of Malwarebytes

    It is good for you to protect your computer by using this product because it can protect your computer from various viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and much more. It is easy to be installed and used in your computer. So you will easy and relax to download all files from the internet and you should not fear to get infection from your download files. Although this product has some goodness, it also contains of badness. You will get your computer slow when it scans and remove viruses. You can download or buy this product by pay at $ 24.95 via online.

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    Defender Pro Review – Scam or Safe to Use? 

    Defender ProDefender Pro is definitely the best antivirus software available in the world today. It provides the best internet security protection for your computers. It is definitely award winning software that provides the ultimate computer protection. The best security maintenance software comes in a range of products. They provide complete security solutions to protect your systems from damage. The Defender Pro products include the antivirus software along with various other features. They provide anti spyware solutions that is specialized in spyware protection. To know more, just log on to Defender Pro Review page...[Read More]

    Click Here to  Download Defender Pro

    Defender Pro Products

    Defender Pro has also designed software for backing up your personal computer documents and other data as part of your system’s recovery process.PC Repair is also an interesting feature which scans your personal computer and repairs it automatically. Also available are complete full-fledged products with all the existing features available. These include the Defender Pro fifteen in one which provides the best Internet Protection and the five in one essential antivirus protection and antivirus software. Users can now browse through any web page or download any desired software safe and secure...[Read More]

    Why Defender Pro

    Defender Pro can keep your personal computer safe with the ultimate protection from the virus and other defective spywares and worms. Another highlighting feature is that they automatically update every hour and saves the computer from all the treats detected. Users can download any movie or any favourite item from any web site on the internet. It is very user friendly and easy to use. This software once purchased can be installed on three machines. This antivirus software comes at reasonable prices compared to the other products in the market. Defender Pro offers a free trial version before you purchase the software. After experiencing its features, the users can purchase the entire version...[Read More]

    My Experience with Defender Pro

    This software also provides optimized scanning of your computer’s disk and drives. They scan each and every file on the drive without affecting the computers performance. They update the database with all the infected files and take immediate action on them. This scanning is of great use and helps in determining all the treats in the system. Unlike the other antivirus software available in the market, like Norton or McAfee or Eset Smart Security, the scanning and protection process are more efficient and secure. They also intimate the users every hour with a notification on the threat detected or the action taken and other resolving techniques. They are very fast and efficient compared to the other antivirus software. They provide dynamic actions and blocks the antivirus at an early stage rather than taking action after the computer is infected. This makes this software outstanding and is recommended by most people in the market place and online shopping portals.  After purchasing the software, Defender Pro offers support and maintenance for all its customers. They also offer a money back guarantee for customers not satisfied with the product. Also seems to be the best and highly recommended antivirus software for Internet Security.

    Click Here to  Download Defender Pro

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    STOPzilla Review 

    “STOPzilla Review”

    Download STOPzilla Now!


    Click Here to Try STOPzilla Immediately!

    Hi Visitor,

    Today I think it’s a necessity for me to write a review for STOPzilla since it’s long since my last anti-spyware review. STOPzilla is an award-winning anti-spyware that detects, blocks and quarantines spyware and adware from your computer in real time. With the Scanning of automatic and on-demand features, plus the automatic updates and preventing protection, STOPzilla detects, blocks and quarantines adware, spyware and malware efficiently and effectively. Even the stubborn malware and rootkits can be removed completely with it.


    Try STOPzilla Now!

    STOPzilla Specification

    Name: STOPzilla

    Rating: 5 Stars

    Compatibility: Windows 7 / Vista / 2000 / XP

    Pricing : $39.95 / ?24.99 / €29.20

    Key Features Overview:

    Click Here to See More Specifications of STOPzilla

    Key Features & Benefits of STOPzilla

    Kills almost all kinds of Malware

    Almost all kinds of Malware – spyware, adware, ads, rootkits, trojans, keylogger and other malware can be scanned and removed thoroughly and completely with STOPzilla.

    Comprehensive Usage

     Now more than 15 million happy users around the world are enjoying the excellence and professional services of STOPzilla, which is an award-winning product and tested by many third-part organization.

    True Real-time Protection

    It’s a advanced mechanism to scans, blocks, and quarantines all kinds of infections before attacking your PC system. With STOPzilla, your computer are safe from the beginning to ending of your usage of your computer. The True Real-time Protection is an advanced technology to make real of this point.

    Easy to Use

    STOPzilla has become produced to accomplish properly irregardless the user’s level of personal computer skills. Upon boot-up, STOPzilla will begin and requirements not much individual conversation. By using STOPzilla, your time may be spent utilizing the net, not stressing about Spyware and Adware.

    Auto Updates

    With STOPzilla, you don’t need to update this software program manually. Once, you startup your computer, you don’t need to make other operations on it.


    Comprehensive Pop-up blocker

    The Pop-up are bothering and annoying, and STOPzilla recognize this issue. It’s advanced blocker blocks and destroys all forms of Pop-up ware.STOPzilla’s award-winning Pop-up blocking technologies will block each Web entire world large internet site spawned Pop-ups and properly as Pop-ups released by Spyware / Adware programs.

    STOPzilla! Download Now.

    Pricing & Refund Policy

    Now only $29.95 for purchasing STOPzilla.

    STOPzilla offers you 30-day full money back guarantee.


    STOPzilla is highly recommended for you to remove spyware, malware, adware, rootkits, Trojan horse and other malicious entries effectively and thoroughly. I highly recommend you try STOPzilla immediately.


    Try STOPzilla Now!

    “STOPzilla Review”

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    Is NoAdware Safe to Use? No Adware Net Review 

    This No Adware Review talks about whether NoAdware is safe to use or not. It’s strongly recommended to download it now. NoAdware is pc tool which is dedicated to remove adware, spyware and malware.This product can work well with an antivirus. But in sometimes, an antivirus only can scan can find the adware/spyware or other threats, but can’t remove or isolate it. So a dedicated spyware remover like NoAdware is needed.

    Is NoAdware Safe to Use?

    I know there are few “gurus” said that this product is dangerous and contains threats, I believe those people must be affiliates of other products, and say high of other people by saying low of NoAdware. NoAdware is a mature product. You will found overwhelming positive comments in tech communities. Personally, I confirm this product is safe to use, since no any threats were found in my experiences. So I have recommend it to many of my friends, and do you.

    Features of NoAdware

    Ease of Use

    This tool is fairly easy to use. Most operations only need one-click. And no extra junk functions are inside this tool, which may disturber your use.

    Comprehensive Scanner & Cleaner

    With NoAdware, all the threats including spyware, malware,adware will be found once you keep this toll updated. The developers are maintaining the threat patterns to keep your computer away from any threats like spyware,adware and etc. Then this tool clean all the threats.


    It’s a good idea to prevent threats like spyware,adware before they are injected in your computer. With this tool, your computer is immunized. After the scanning and cleaning, as well as the immunization feature, you can forget everything about spyware/adware.

    Browser Protect

    It’s a horrible thing that you Browser homepage keeps changing. I think you must do everything you can when this issue takes place, but the problem still persists. With this feature, your browser is safe and you homepage is never hijacked by anything.


    If you forget to scan and clean and immunize your system with NoAdware , this feature is very useful then. With this feature, you don’t need to take too much time to worry those issues.

    Worth of Money

    Yes, this tool is worth of the money you purchased. At Last, I think it was worth of the money I paid.

    Price & Refund Policy

    After the research and tests, if you are ready to buy it. below is the lowest price link of this product. Click here to get the lowest price of NoAdware. NoAdware offers 60-day &hassle-free full money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, which seldom takes place, you can request a refund with confidence.


    This is my personal NoAdware review talking about whether NoAdware is safe to use or not. The answer is positive. It’s highly recommended to click the button “Free Download” below to try this awesome tool for your computer to prevent threats like spyware, malware, adware and etc.

    But it Now

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    Tags: perfect optimizer review   

    Perfect Optimizer Review – Don’t Purchase it Before Read this review 

    imageRating: (5/5)

    An Introduction

    Like it’s name Perfect Optimizer, this tool is perfect too, and this is the reason why I write this review of Perfect Optimizer for you. Actually, it is a pc tool package with comprehensive tools including  Registry Cleaner, PC doctor, Pc Optimizer, PC Repairs, Disk Defragged, Backup tools and etc. Those features is worthwhile to being the price.This software is with the most features I even heard. continue to read, I will show you more info.

    7 Main Features

    #1 Comprehensive Cleaners

    As is showed in the #1 Main Interface screenshot, not like other tools, 5 professional and efficient cleaners including Registry Cleaner, JunkFile Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, Duplicate Cleaner and Shortcuts Cleaner are available with Perfect Optimizer. Each Cleaner will do the job in the category of its name, so I don’t need to introduce each one-by-one and you only need to simply click and set the tool.

    #2 Repairs

    Like the Cleaners, five Repair tools are also available with Perfect Optimizer. They are Windows Repair, IE Repair, System Repair, Shortcuts Repair and File Association Repair. Especially, I like IE Repair and Shortcuts Repair which help me a lot in dealing frustrating issues.

    #3 Optimizer

    Four tools are offered here, System Optimizer, Disk Defragged,  Registry Defragged and Uninstall Manager.

    #4 Security

    Generally speaking , Perfect Optimizer is not a dedicated tool for security, so don’t use it instead of antivirus. This security means Internet security.

    #5 Speedup

    This is an important feature of Perfect Optimizer, which can speed up your startup and applications and Internet by cleaning duplicated entities , junk files and useless startup entities.

    #6 Update

    You can update windows and the software itself automatically with this feature.

    #7 Backup

    System Restore, Registry Backup, File Backup and Driver Backup are available in Perfect Optimizer.


    #1 Main Interface


    #2 Repair Interface


    #3 Optimizer Interface


    #4 Security Interface


    #5 Speedup Interface


    #6 Update Interface


    #7 Backup Interface



    Judging my experience and my review of Perfect Optimizer , it’s highly recommended to try it immediately.

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    Tags: spyzooka, spyzooka review, spyzooka scam   

    Spyzooka scam ? : User’s Spyzooka Review 

    Is SpyZooka a scam?

    A few articles,written by affiliates of other competitive product ,said that SpyZooka is a scam. After my test, I tell you the truth, SpyZooka does work and isn’t a scam and also the company of this product Blue Penguin Software isn’t a scammer.

    SpyZooka is recommended by PC experts worldwide. Today, I will show you how Spyzooka is so popular in anti adware/spyware/malware.


    Accredited by BBB

    SpyZooka bas been accredited by BBB, which means that you can trust it and can try it easily.

    Ability to  Removes 100% of Spyware/Adware/Malware

    We know, those stubborn are destroying your computer by seizing control of your computer, by stealing your identity and credit card number, sending your spam ,tracking your IE history. SpyZooka helps you remove those threats by removing 100% of spyware,adware and malware.

    Power Scanner to Find adware threats

    With the power scanner of SpyZooka, detecting, removing, and blocking all types of spyware and adware threats becoming an easy thing. Not like other competitive one, SpyZooka supplies full scan, which means your computer can be scanned thoroughly and any threats can be found.

    Automatic Function

    Advanced features are totally automated.

    Daily Updates

    Daily updates ensure your complete protection.

    Immunization Function

    SpyZooka immunizes your computer so you’re protected from future spyware infection.

    Free Unlimited and Better Customer Support

    You can access to their elite programmers and customer supporters who are available 24/7 to assist you for the next year.


    They supply “50 Computer and Internet Tips” for free. Click here to see the Bonus Detail

    Price & Bundle

    one computer license $29.95

    two computers license $49.95

    three computers license $69.95

    You can save $19.95 to by SpyZooka and RegZooka together by adding $10.RegZooka helps you improve pc performance.

    Refund Policy

    They supply 60 day no hassle full money back guarantee.


    It is highly recommended to buy the unique SpyZooka immediately, because the price is raising.



    SpyZooka Status Interface:


    SpyZooka Scanner Interface:


    SpyZooka SpyGuard Interface:


    SpyZooka Settings Interface


    SpyZooka Tools Interface



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  • admin 11:53 am on May 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , noadware review, Review, Scam? 

    Problems We Encountered


    Nowadays,thousands of Adware is full filled in our computers, we can’t do nothing except suffering without  anti adware software. What phenomena will show if a PC is infected with adware, spyware, or malware ?

    • You have downloaded and Installed unknown software.
    • Your PC is running extremely slow.
    • Your IE Homepage is always changing.
    • Unknown process  is always on-running .
    • etc

    Fix Those Problems With NoAdware

    How to fix those issues? In another word, How to remove  adware that is stubborn and  annoying? And Which tool is the best one to solve those issues?  According my experience and tests, a Product from called NoAdware is a best choice to remove adware. Why I recommend NoAdware so badly anyway? Below I will list the virtues and value of it.

    Features of NoAdware

    Free & Fast Scanner

    Adware Scanner is total free for you to examine your pc whether there is adware inside your system or not. You can Download it here. Below are the screenshots of the scanner, which is mini and useful. The speed of this scanner is very fast, and it only took me 1 minute to complete the thorough scanning.

    PC Immunization

    Do you happen to ask for your permission to install adware/spyware/malware as a component when you install your current program? With settings of NoAdware , you can safely block those you can safely block those annoying yes/no boxes.

    Browser and PC Shields

    This feature of NoAdware prevents addition of website URLs to your browsers favorites from unwanted or potentially offensive or dangerous websites!

    Supported Schedule

    With this feature, you can scanning and remove adware/spyware/malware in a schedule time and automatically. This point is very important when you forget to scanning and remove it so manually.

    Value of Price

    Price of NoAdware is excess value, Because of the different time between my writing and your reading , I can’t mention the price here, you can check the updated price here.

    8 Weeks Full Money Back Guarantee


    If you are looking for a tool dedicated in beating adware/spyware/malware, It is highly recommended to buy NoAdware .



    Main Interface:


    Update Interfaces:


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    Tags: reg genie, , RegGenie scam, , , , registry tools   

    RegGenie Review – Warning,Don’t buy it until read this 

    Hello Pal,

    Before the review, please let me make a brief introduce about me. I’m an IT engineer. In my free time, I like to test new software programs. Today, I find RegGenie definately is a good stuff, so I write this review for it.

    Why RegGenie?

    After my careful test, I found there are a least 9 features you can benefit from RegGenie.

    #1 Easy Of Use

    Only three simply steps are needed to complete the task of cleaning and fixing registry.First, A click to trigger the scanning button; Second, choose trash references and entities that you want to fix. At last, a simple click is to complete the task.

    #2 Accurate & Safe Scanning

    In my experience, RegGenie is always working in a accurate and safe way. Because of the backup mechanism, you don’t need to be worried about the safety of your system registry.

    #3 Full Fixing Function

    Not like other ones, RegGenie can fix all the errors completely.

    #4 Safe Registry Backup

    It’s a good idea to backup your registry database, so this feature is a useful stuff.

    #5 Easy Updates

    Reinstalling a stuff is frustrating and time-consuming. Thanks to updates of RegGenie, it is convenient to update.

    #6 Low Price

    The price for one year single PC license is only $34.95. The amazing thing now is that you can get 3 full years license only $9.95 plus needed.

    #7 Low System Requirement

    RegGenie is green, only 15MB of free hard disk space and 128MB of RAM is needed. Of course, Internet access is required to register product and receive product updates

    #8 Real ability to Speed Up Your Computer

    After my test, my computer get quicker visibly. So I am convinced that you also can speed up your computer with RegGenie.

    #9 Official Awards & Recognition

    Click here to see the detail.

    #10 High Popularity

    I don’t want to see anything. Click Here to see the testimonials about it in the right.

    My Suggestion

    I don’t know when the discount will end. So I highly recommend you buying 3 year license at price of only $44.90 immediately. PayPal or Credit Card are all welcome. And if you are not satisfied with it, request a refund with confidence.

    Click Here to Buy RegGenie Now 


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  • admin 2:24 pm on January 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Anti Adware,   

    NoAdware scam? -noadware review 

    When it comes to NoAdware, opinions may be different, somebody say it is a awesome assistant tool, while others say it is total a scam.

    In my opinion, we should see it in an objective way. I will explain the strengths and weaknesses of  NoAdware .


    First, With comprehensive features including scanners for adware, spyware, dialer and web bugs, computer immunization, browser Shields and automatic schedule, I can lead a comfortable and easy way of life in using it. Because of its accurate scanners, my browser is never bothered by pop ads and undesirable content. And the feature of automatic schedule gives me a reassuring life of cyberspace, only I need to initiate my settings once. Second, before my purchasing  NoAdware, I can try it for free, and I also have the freedom to get the full money back under the guarantee of the vendor. This point makes me easy to buy it. And above all, its efficiency and effective and conveniences is the key to let me make the decision  to buy it. Third, the support team are careful and patient, although the issue I put was so ridiculous I think now, the answer is so satisfied and helpful. Both live chat and Email support are available now. Check here to see the recent detail.


    The focus is browser shields, so I believe only the feature of browser shields is exclusive. Other functions are only not bad. Additional, no bonus was available when I bought it. But I didn’t know whether there are bonus available recently. You can check here to see.


    like its name, with NoAdware preventing almost all adware, the life of cyberspace is time-saving and easy.  I believe we can give it a try, anyway it is free to try.

    >>Try NoAdware for Free Here<<

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