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    MailWasher Pro Review – Really Works or Scam? 

    Spams are the most frustrating thing in the IT world as they are considered to be the flooding our inbox with annoying messages and content. To avoid spams there are many ways to do and the best way is to get an application that will automatically delete when the presence of a spam is encountered. There are many tools and applications available for the spam detection and deletion and currently MailWasher Pro is one among the best tools available for spam detection and deletion. As the name indicates it washes out your mail and keeps only authenticated mails with the right content. This tool deserved to be the most reputed application by the anti-spam critics across the globe. Currently there are above eight million users using MailWasher Pro to monitor spams. Check out the MailWasher Pro Review to know more on the specifications and their advancements being made.

    Click Here to Visit The Official Website of MailWasher Pro

    Click Here to Visit The Official Website of MailWasher Pro

    What MailWasher Pro does?

    The software once installed will search for a list of emails from the configured email account of yours. The basic prevention offered by MailWasher Pro is by displaying all the emails that is being flooded in your inbox. The main aim of this process is to give the end user a glimpse of what is to be done. There are three buttons in the main user interface part of this product. The first button is the check button and this basically shows all the messages delivered to your inbox from the email provider. Without downloading any mail or attachment, this MailWasher Pro allows you to read the entire content. The next step it does is it automatically classifies the emails into the good and the spammed ones. This is indicated by two small icons represented by thumb sign and a color associated with tithe third button is the wash mail button that will automatically delete those mails that are being filtered out in the second step. Thus the procedure is as simpler as possible.

    Tools in MailWasher Pro

    There are several tools and features available in MailWasher Pro that makes it attractive for the users to buy. The filters are intelligent and the main highlight is that it adapts itself to the particularity of the emails that we receive. There are certain lists being maintained like friends list, black list and black hole lists. As the name suggests, names included in this list will not be spammed. Sometimes it may be necessary to block the origin of the spam message with real-time filtering and the black list in MailWasher Pro is used for this purpose.

    My Experience with MailWasher Pro

    One of the most highlighted features that attracted me in this product is the auto delete feature of the spams and mails. I have never lost even a single message after buying MailWasher Pro tool. It was indeed quick as well as much easy to use. This software deserves a very special note as it has save my life from deleting spams. The trial version of this product provided in the software helped me to gain a complete understating of this software and extract the best out of it.

    Click Here to Visit The Official Website of MailWasher Pro

    Click Here to Visit The Official Website of MailWasher Pro

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    SendGrid – Review From Me 

    The major problem faced by the online community in the field of marketing, business, communications or whatever it is, is the need for a good mail service provider that offers all the best results one expects. There are several websites in this world that offers service to a mail server program, but one needs to be aware of the credentials of that service provider. This is because, due to the advancement made in the field of technology there are non-quality providers too being grown all over the world. For instance it is one of the biggest gaining software but with a lot of bugs and degraded quality in it. Many business persons go for a mail service provider seeing it’s low cost but not the ultimate result and quality of service. There are many service providers much better than this product and this is evident from the testimonials and SendGrid Review being reported daily in the online media forums.

    Learn More about SMTP2Go

    Click Here to The Best Premium SMTP Service – SMTP2GO


    The underlying analytics of all the emails sent and received tells us about the popularity of the product in this world. It is reported that about 20 percentages of the emails never reached the inbox when SendGrid was used. The mails that are undelivered if they are junk mails then they can be ignored but if they are an important transaction of confidential then it really matters a lot to take care. The out bounded infrastructure of SendGrid is much poor when compared with top mail service providers such as smtp2go.with regard to the pricing , even the basic package is coasted around ten dollars where as other competitors of this product offers them for free. A wrong misconception is being given through the pricing calculator that is being provided in the website for accounting the number of emails sent per day.

    Reasons to avoid SendGrid and use smtp2go

    Being a worldwide send mail transfer protocol server, the smtp2go allows the user to customize the mail client on any of the existing software’s such as Outlook or Apple Mail or thunderbird and so on. With SendGrid one cannot change the current server to the SMTP server of the current network in which the frequency hop is to be made. Whereas in smpt2go, there is no need to change the settings each time when changing the location or device of the mail client. The intuitive interface of smtp2go allows user to make all the operations to complete successfully without any strain or problems…

    My Experience

    Being an avid analyst in the field of online marketing I am supposed to send about hundreds of email per day. So there was a need to buy a mail service provider that would help me in my business solutions. In the beginning I used it and found to be ok with it. But later on there was a problem in attaching files when sending the emails. In some of my messages I was not able to attach more than 10 MB of my files. So I began searching in the online media and found smpt2go which was much better than SendGrid in all terms of reliability, quality and efficiency. Thanks to smtp2go for making my business in par with world class standards.

    Click Here to The Best Premium SMTP Service – SMTP2GO

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    JangoMail Review – True Review from Real User 

    In a vast marketing platform there is definitely a need to send and receive email messages and hence provide cost effective solutions for them. More than hundreds and thousands of web sites and web portals offers mail service provides that helps in sending , receiving and managing the emails. Though these are abundant due to the advancement of technology, one must be aware of the quality of service that is being provided to the end user. Software’s fails to do that and JangoMail can be a bad example of that.One can realize that potential of this program when using the trial version of this product itself. Go through the JangoMail Review in the online media for the complete understanding why one should not opt for that.

    Learn More about SMTP2Go

    Click Here to The Best Premium SMTP Service – SMTP2GO


    Negatives of JangoMail

    even the popular business jargons have failed to understand the base of the JangoMail product and have fallen in trap with the false promises that has been made in the website .a number of users worldwide have reported a bug on the database connectivity when trying it offline. Also the deliverability of the email is not up to what an end user will expect. Many messages are being delivered much late in time , this causes and overhead to the entire system as the end user keeps on sending the mails thinking that the messages are undelivered. Several corrections must be made to the internal coding to test the Web Services API and the social media sharing facilities. Though it’s given that there are new features being added to the latest version, JangoMail still lacks to improve the quality of these features compared with its competitors in the market such as smtp2go.

    Comparison of JangoMail with smtp2go

    there are lot of recommendations from the popular online workers for the smtp2go to be used by the newbies and freelancers .unlike this one , smtp2go allows you to send mails from anywhere in the world. The email delivery speed is the fastest than any other email service providers in the online market. Also the settings of the smtp2go need not be changed all the time when connecting from different places. But JangoMail will not accept the same settings when accessing from different IP address and hence reports a conflict .also the new users are allowed to use a free version of the smtp2go product and once they buy it, they are entitled to get a money back offer from them if the product purchased doesn’t satisfy the needs of the end user.

    My Experience with JangoMail

    As my firm has grown over the past 10 years, my services and product delivery increased thereby a good mail service provider was required to satisfy my business solutions. Initially I was much frustrated to use JangoMail as it was not able to handle the bulk mails from my clients. The system was much slow and indeed wastage of investment. On the other hand, in few days I bought smtp2go and found it to be very useful with more than hundred features in it. It was able to service my business solutions and needs successfully a 100% return on my investment was obtained. My personal suggestion to all the business geeks out there to prefer smtp2go to JangoMail as the former leads the other mail service providers in the market.

    Click Here to The Best Premium SMTP Service – SMTP2GO

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    Mailbox Forwarding Review – Best Mail Forwarding Service? 

    Mailbox Forwarding does something really special. It converts your hand written letters, documents or any FedEx or UPS packages into mails. It works the same way as the other electronic mail services. The user is given a remote mailbox address with a unique street address and box number. With the help of this address, the users can send and receive your paper mails in your electronic mail box. These services are priced really cheaper compared to the other similar services. To know more about this forwarding and its service, log on to Mailbox Forwarding Review page...[Read More]

    The Mailbox Forwarding Service

    One may really wonder what exactly the Mailbox Forwarding Service offers. It converts all the hard copy letters and documents to mails and sends it across. Every mailbox user is assigned a distinctive address with a box number. The users can mail the required documents to the respective mailbox address. The authorized staffs here open the document on your request and scan the entire document sent. After scanning, they are sent to your electronic mail. The mails can be sent to any place across the globe. The documents are destroyed or recycled. The documents are well protected and maintained. The Mailbox Forwarding service assures the safety and the privacy of the documents. Sign up now and experience this service to convert all those documents to a forwarding service...[Read More]

    Mailbox Forwarding Features

    Mailbox Forwarding service is now so easy and very simple to use. You can read your documents, forward them to any person anywhere at just a few clicks. There is an online control panel provided by the mailbox forums to check and update the status of the mails as scanning or received etc. All these services come at amazing rates and plans that suit a normal customer and also a professional. The pricing is very meager and starts at around nine dollars with no installation fee. It also offers additive features like the toll free fax services and so on. The Mailbox Forwarding services follow high cryptographic standards like confidentiality and authentication that helps them maintain high security levels for the mails being processed and forwarded globally...[Read More]

    My Mailbox Forwarding Experience

    With the help of the electronic mail address, I used the Mailbox Forwarding service to receive my faxes. This service is really interesting and very helpful. Every fax is received in my mailbox. It has all become so easy. I can read my faxes online in just a button click and no extra effort. Another interesting feature is that it can provide dedicated toll free numbers to post your faxes. These services are offered at special rates. The services are highly secured. They follow various security strategies as follows. Scan security, staff security, electronic mail account security, storage security, shred security and many more. The services are highly reliable and trust worthy. In my experience, nothing can be as easy as Mailbox Forwarding Services. I strongly recommend these services for those who want to transfer official documents securely and quickly from one part the world to the other.

    Click Here to Try Mailbox Forwarding

    Click Here to Try Mailbox Forwarding

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    Magic List Bot Review – Works or Scam? 

    It can be said that a big breakthrough has occurred in the technology market after Magic List Bot has come to the market. This technology exclusively designed for the new customers and marketing people has already attracted most of the people in no matter of time. With this, the customer leads and sales strategy has carved itself a niche by making profits from popular social networking sites such as twitter, eBay and Google. Also the time taken for all these is just less than 3 minutes. There is no need of a website or any third party products to achieve this profit. The 2nd version of the Magic List Bot is currently being shipped and is made compatible to work well with all the windows and the Macintosh machines. Look at the Magic List Bot Review to get surprised on knowing the advantages of it...[Read More]

    Click Here to Get Discount of Magic List Bot

    Click Here to Get Discount of Magic List Bot

    Why Magic List Bot

    It’s now easy to get a lot of traffic and simultaneous email list with this technology. Apart from this, money can also be generated through many affiliates and CPA in just a single click of a push button. Almost cent percent of autopilot is achieved every day .all the afflicters can have their market dream to be turned into reality. Magic List Bot is all about generating traffic and building the list of emails parallel getting a huge profit in your bank account. Though there is a thought that most of the tools in internet are fraudulent it must be understood that with the right set of tools and the proper path of training ,it is much easier to achieve great heights and get accelerated to the top most position in the internet market. The truth is that the task of list building is a much difficult task to be done...[Read More]

    Advantages of Magic List Bot

    Even a good marketer will struggle at least for three years to gather a respectable mailing list. Basically marketers search for websites, product portals and forum to get a responsive mailing list. Instead of searching unnecessarily, Magic List Bot has brought a new wave in the internet marketing world. Unlike other tools that manually requires to build the email lists, this tool builds them automatically without any need of monitoring it. Also the website offers several demos and videos on how really one can be profited from the Magic List Bot technology. All you need to do is to register yourself in with your email and name to get the details regarding the magic list. Just imagine how exciting it would be to have your own instant button that generates money when pressed...[Read More]

    My Testimony – Magic List Bot

    I was trying in all the ways to covert my Google followers and twitter tweets to become subscribers but couldn’t achieve the feat completely after going through several articles on Magic List Bot, I opted out for it and hence from that day I am able to get all the massive mails in my email list .I still keep suggesting this to my friends and colleagues, especially the massive Double-opting leads .Still what are you waiting for, go grab your copy of Magic List Bot now.

    Click Here to Get Discount of Magic List Bot

    Click Here to Get Discount of Magic List Bot

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    Tags: email finder   

    Email Finder Review – Scam or Good? 

    image image Are you tired of seeking a name of specific email or the email address of some person you are try to contact? Anyway, I have this issues such as seeking a professors hardly when in my college. I believe you must have experience issues as well.

    - Email Finder ? The Email Finder ?

    There are two email finders , one is named Email Finder , the other The Email Finder. Personally ,I prefer Email Finder. Click Here to Get Service of Email Finder  I found a service called Email Finder solving my issues efficiently. So now I share the this review for you. In a nutshell, Email Finder offers both EMAIL Finder service reverse search service with full database collecting from multi-source ranging from all kinds of yellow pages to Internet records. So I almost find all my concerns info from this service.

    - What Vertical You Can Find?

    Their databases cover from , government agencies, lawyers, PI’s and part of ordinary citizens ,law enforcement around the world. The cons is that you may not find the email address of ordinary citizen all the time. Because not all the person make their emails public and respecting their privacy is a good habit. This service is mainly focus on public persons or organization in fact. Throughout the world Electronic mail Look for Other way around Email Search, E-Mail Handle Service & Search for Employing my little-known address list, you’ll habits some undo e-mail sort out seek towards listing someone. Research whatever mail target and in addition fast observe divorce records, yellow pages methods and additional databases via internet for any owner’s personality because of some mail confront. The second attainable, this method seek searches can acquire suppliers and therefore address contact info (including the location, state’s, also have a zipper) of all e-mail home address. Incorporate particularly turn back e-mail find to be able to expediently reconnect due to outdated close friends totally from college, carries a is definitely the make contact with detail from your very own e-mail consider arrange, and even obtain a long lost brother trying activities like someone’s email sort out.

    - How About the Price?

    You need to purchase Email Finder with $14.95 USD – one time fees. If you prefer The Email Finder, the price is $19.95USD – one time fees. Click Here to Get Price of Email Finder

    - Summary

    It’s highly recommended to try Email Finder instead of The Email Finder. That’s all my email finder review. Just Enjoy!

    Click Here To Visit Email Finder Immediately!

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    Best SMTP Service : SMTP2Go Review 

    If you are looking for best SMTP service, I recommend SMTP2Go to you.

    Warning: Click Here to Get the Exclusive Link of SMTP2Go Discount Price

    Why SMTP2Go is the best and why I recommend this service?

    #1 Combined Solution

    The main reason why I have tried and am using this service is that SMTP2Go is a combined solution which save my huge time and emotion.

    #2 Comprehensive Devices Supported

    Different type of client device means different ISP network. SMTP2Go supports ISP networks which iPhone, PDA, BlackBerry or other wireless for any choice you would like to your use.

    #3 20Mb Attachments

    If may be costing your expensive time by being limited by the attachment size when you need to send large and emergent files. But with SMTP2Go, you can enjoy the 20MB attachment size which is a fair larger size enough for common use.

    #4 Reliable and lightning-fast

    Judging its fame and infamous services, it’s reliable and lightning-fast for your daily travelling life .

    #5 Easy to Setup & Use

    This reason is also what we are pursuing. How easily to set up ? Only need to input the on your client software such as Microsoft Outlook. How easily to use?

    #6 Keep Your Current Software

    You don’t need to change your current software.

    #7 Customized Email Domain

    Unlike other email SMTP service, You can keep your email domain unchanged instead of using for your email account. How do that? It’s simply, and all you need to do is to input SMTP for SMTP2Go.

    #8 Offers 60-Day No hassle money back Guarantee

    Yes, SMTP2Go offers 60-day full money back guarantee without hassle.

    #9 Good Supports

    I have contacted their supporter once , and there service is really cool and the answer is very fast and useful.

    #10 Worth of Money

    The Lowest price of this service only $1.99 a month. Click here to get the lowest price of SMTP2Go .


    SMTP2Go is very useful and helpful for me . So I recommend it to you and highly recommend you click the link below to get the lowest price of SMTP2Go. Click Here to Get the Exclusive Link of SMTP2Go Discount Price

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    Official SMTP2Go Review: Best Email Service for Travelers 

    This is Official SMTP2Go Review for visitors who are looking for a email service for travelers. SMTP2Go also called SMTP 2 Go or SMTP To Go is a perfect email service solution for travelers or businessmen. Click Here to Visit SMTP2Go WebSite image SMTP2Go is an outgoing SMTP service that is very convenient if the user changes device of email client frequently or oddly. This service is very helpful for me because I’m often on a business trip and use iPhone to receive Email very smoothly with SMTP2Go comparing to my prior sucking SMTP service that I don’t want to mention its name. I encourage you to read the following content that I am writing hardly. If you can’t help to try it , Click here to Try SMTP2Go now.

    Features of SMTP2Go

    #1 Easy-to-Use

    All you need to do put the SMTP server address of SMTP2Go in your email client program. Then you can forget the annoying thing such as looking SMTP and setting your program when you changes your location or device, and enjoy this service.

    #2 Fast Speed

    The change of environment where you sending emails will delay or lose your email entity, but this service supply fast speed for your email forward ,which I have experienced.

    #3 Huge Attachments

    Unlike other low attachment supported, SMTP2Go supports 20 Mb attachment capacity per email entity. And this service don’t charge further fees.

    #4 Freedom Custom & Multi Ports & Multi Account

    SMTP2Go offers 4 ports for your choice and 5 email address account integrated within one SMTP2Go account.

    #5 Good Support

    If you have emergency, you can get fast response with this service. image travellers_thumb

    Pricing & Plans of SMTP2Go

    I got the current (when the review was polished) price below. You also can get the updated price here. Standard account offers 50 email sending per day at price of $1.99 per month. Freedom account supplies 150 emails per day at price of $3.49 per month . Professional account offers 300 per day at price of $4.99 / month .

    My Personal Suggestions

    I don’t confirm whether this service goes well with your needs. I highly suggest you try the standard account here with the price of only $1.99 per month. And if the volume can’t meet your need, you can upgrade to Freedom account or Professional account then. Also, if don’t like it , you can request a full money back with 60 day full money back guarantee. Click here to Try the Standard account


    Personally, I have succeed in using this service for my business which goes well with this service and gets safer and more efficient with it. I highly recommend you to try SMTP2Go now. Click Here to Try SMTP2Go Now

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    Business SMTP : Buy Smtp Services -Smtp2go Review 

    image Smtp2Go is an smtp outgoing mail server for business & travelers  who may be delayed by

    accidental smtp not working or smtp communication problem in the change of various locations.

    Click Here to See the Official Website of SMTP2Go

    Business Smtp Issues

    At beginning, we should make clear what is “the SMTP” ? All right, SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an one of many Email protocols which hand sending and receiving emails.

    Firstly, Judging the importance of SMTP, your email may delayed or missed if your SMTP server sucks or overloads, especially when you are travelling or in business outside, your email will delayed or can’t be sent because of the change of devices or locations and your email can’t found your SMTP to get handed. Secondly, If you use PDA or iPhone, lots of free SMTP services or Paid services can’t hand those clients rightly. At last, the attachment size is limited by many SMTP providers, a SMTP service that provides large attachment capacity is also what  I’m looking for.

    How To Solve those Issues? Luckily, I found a service called SMTP2Go which can hand all this frustrating thing easily and conveniently. Continue to read and I will show you the detail of SMTP2Go.

    Why SMTP2Go ?

    SMTP2Go is an inexpensive and efficient solution for travelers who are in trouble of sending or receiving email using PDA, iPhone or , other wireless or desktop clients. In order to relieve your frustration , SMTP2Go supplies SMTP services all the time, wherever you are in the world. Why we should use SMTP2Go ? Personally, there are three reason encourages me to buy this service.

    #1  Powerful Connections – “Whenever and wherever you are, you can send your email works successful with Smtp2Go in various ways .”  The claim is actually not exaggerated. Thanks to the powerful technology of SMTP2Go, which setup all the connections between  different ISPs in a unique SMTP address, you can use it anywhere without changing  the SMTP settings of your email client.

    #2 Convenience – Undoubtedly, this service is very convenient, especially you are changing your email device frequently.  

    #3 Low Price – as I used, this price is low for me which is only $1.99 / month for standard account. I don’t know whether the price of the amazing service raised or not ,It’s encouraged to click here to see the updated price.

    Click Here to See the Features of SMTP2Go 


    Smtp2Go is powerful weapon for email user who are often in business or travel. I strong recommend SMTP2Go to the user who needs a convenient  business SMTP service or email service for travelers.  And it’s highly recommended to Try this service now.


    Click Here to See the Official Website of SMTP2Go

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    SMTP2Go Review , SMTP to Go Reviews 

    logo_small Below is the critical information you MUST read before you purchase or try this service. I’ll give you deep review of SMTO2Go also called SMTO to Go.

    Click Here to View the Official Website of SMTP2Go

    Problems Sending Emails?

    First off I will give you some knowledge about SMTP. SMTP abbreviated for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is the protocol of Internet using to send your email to the SMTP server, which forwards it to the recipient.

    Are you experiencing a situation that it’s difficult to send emails from different locations such as laptop, cell phone, PDA or desktop computer using direct SMTP not web-based one. Why not using web-based one such as Hotmail? Not only do you have a unprofessional email address which harms your business, but also it’s difficult to keep track of your emails, which means not safe. We can also switch STMP manually in different locations, but it’s a horrible thing to find the exact and specific STMP address.

    Judging those issues, I have found a service called SMTP2Go. Continue to read to find more info about this service.

    Is SMTP2Go Real?

    SMTP2Go which also called SMTP To Go  is service that helps you relief the inconvenience of sending emails in different locations. In order to send email safely and conveniently you need an constant SMTP server that works same in different locations. SMTP2Go is an SMTP server that works same whenever you are , wherever you are.


    Features of SMTP2Go

    Easy to Set UP

    How easy SMTP2Go is to set up? The only thing you need to do is that typing into the settings of your desktop software to get the ball roll in the future without further annoying settings and without change your existing email software. After the setting, you can send from anywhere and anytime.

    laptop_email travellers

    Up to 5 Different Email Addresses

    We know in the web-based email client, we need to switch one by one to send email individually. With SMTP2Go, you can send emails from up to five email addresses in the same account at the same time. It’s cool.


    You can use your current  domain address of email without changing to

    up to 20MB in size per email

    Attachments needed? SMTP2Go supplies up to 20Mb in size per email which is larger than than the normal web-based client.

    Multi ports

    If the default 25 port is blocked in same special situation, you can change to other three available ports, 2525,8025,587 with SMTP2Go.

    More detailed features in the official site.

    Pricing Plans & Refund Policy

    You are luck if you see this review. Since now this product is on sale which means you can save %50 now and the price is for you as long as you keep the plan.

    Go to here to see the current pricing plans


    It’s highly recommend to try SMTP2Go for who are a traveler or a freedom man. Before purchasing this, you should consider your email quantity you send everyday to choose the plan.

     Click here to Try This SMTP2GO NOW!

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