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    RapidFax Review 

    What is Rapidfax?

    Rapidfax is online faxing software made for users all around the globe. There has been seen an increased use of fax machines in offices and locally too along with increased usage of the internet throughout the world by people of all ages this product was manufactured. This put all local users at ease. This sends faces to desired locations yet allowing them to be received on their own personal email addresses. This software made it easier to send faxes to offices for important work even when you do not have access to fax machines. Simply write it all as a new e-mail and then send it out to fax machine, it will come out as a fax on the other end.

    How it works

    The working of this software is particularly simple yet very useful for all the clients in the world. All you basically require is an internet connection and a mailing address and your set for this software. This software allows faxes to be received on your mailing address and faxes to be sent from it. This eliminates the need of an external modem and also reduces the bill of phone lines since less communication takes over it. The company is confident regarding its product and has claimed RapidFax to be the best online fax solution you could get. You can even use the website of Rapidfax to send or receive faxes. The company provides its users with toll free numbers which can then be linked with any two email ids. In order to send a fax, simply put the fax number before A confirmation email is sent to sender when the fax is successfully delivered. When fax is received in an inbox, it is automatically converted in .pdf format.

    Pros of Rapidfax

    The Company is so sure about its product that it gives 30 days free trial to all users. Along with this there is no registration fee or any starting up fee to be paid before the purchase of the product. The price is not too expensive. Also, the account can be associated with outlook which makes it very easy to be used for many. The product is very easy to use and does not need too much knowledge. Effective customer service is provided to each client which keeps the product in high ranking.

    The Cons

    each account can be associated with only two email addresses which get particularly unsuitable for small businesses. There are also many complaints regarding the customer’s service that they are very difficult to reach and that often the phone call does not get through. There are small fee amount that needs to be paid and is not clearly mentioned on the website.

    The Verdict

    This product is very useful especially with only a fee of $9.95 per each month. Read the terms and conditions carefully. This product has made it easier to send faxes for many customers. Overall the product is good, and make sure to complete the free trial before purchasing the product.

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    TrapCall Review – Scam? 

    Even a layman has now started using mobile phones. Everyone ranging from kids to old aged people has now developed a craze to mobile phones. With its applications, the mobile phone offers a wide range of services that perform specific functions. These groups of applications are collectively known as the mobile apps that can perform well with the short memory size of the mobile phones. TrapCall is one of the few mobile application builder and provider. The product acts as an excellent mobile application building platform. The remarkable feature of the service is the offence of the adorable service at an affordable cost. The special significant features of the product have been listed in the TrapCall Review provision in the official website.

    Why to choose TrapCall?

    Mobile phones have become inevitable in the recent times. Certain specific applications are installed into the mobile phone to enhance the services offered by the phone. These mobile applications are found to be domain specific. There are many other software programs that help in building our own mobile applications. For such application software to be successful they must be built in an easy-to-use manner and it must be free from complex designs. Also, the customer satisfaction must encourage further usage of the software. TrapCall provides the above mentioned services at an affordable cost with numerous options available. It is a thrilling experience to just use the application to build the software.

    Why is TrapCall significant?

    TrapCall has gained importance in the recent times owing to its admirable features. Some of the special features are listed below. It facilitates the users to unmask the blocked and restricted calls thus avoiding calls from hidden sources. Also, with the usage of mobile phones comes the problem of nuisance calls. These can be avoided with the usage of the product which provides options for blacklisting unwanted callers. It also offers efficient online management facilities. Certain circumstances require the conversation to be recorded for special purposes. It has selections for call recording too. While the user is not available to attend the calls, the application can build a voice mail transcription to answer such calls automatically

    My Personal Experience with TrapCall

    I had a fabulous experience using it. Though I have used many other mobile application builders this product stands out unique with its remarkable performance. The software provides various tips and guidelines pertaining to the situations to aid the common man. As a first timer in building the mobile applications, I had no difficulties in building my own mobile application. The call recording facility has helped me in many ways. Frequent nuisance calls were also eliminated by the blacklisting option available. The product is also compatible universally with any form of mobile equipment. Automatic voice mail transcription facilities have helped me to avoid the problem of losing the calls that are unattended. The main aim of the product is to expand the services offered by the mobile phones to multiple levels. I strongly suggest all the application builders to use TrapCall to build their mobile applications experiencing 100% satisfaction.

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    Hitman Pro Review of SurfRight – Really Works? 

    Hitman Pro provides a second opinion for your computer regarding malware. It is a second opinion malware scanner that has been designed to rescue your computer from malware such as viruses, Trojans, malware; etc. that can infect your computer despite all the security measures that you have taken that includes antivirus software, firewalls, etc. It provides you a free scan for a second opinion about the security status of your system and it is designed to check your security measures condition. If no malware is found then you will never need a license of our product. To get a good opinion about this software, have a view of the Hitman Pro Review available in its official website.

    Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Hitman Pro

    Why use Hitman Pro?

    Hitman Pro has the following advantages compared to other products. Computer users can make use of the free scan of the product as a quick check to make sure that the installed antivirus program has not missed any threat. Help Desk and Support organizations can make use of the free Scan of Hitman Pro as a prompt check for viruses and other malwares. The scan can be started from USB, CD or DVD and it requires no installation. The website owners can offer the free scan as a service to end users for a quick second opinion about their system security.

    Hitman Pro and its efficient features

    Hitman Pro is designed in such a way that it works well with the existing security programs without any conflicts with them. It scans the computer quickly and does not retard the computer’s performance. Hitman Pro does not need to be installed separately and it can be functioned directly from a USB flash drive, a CD or DVD and a locally attached hard drive. It provides behavioral scan, when it scans the computer for virus or suspicious files that exhibits features of malware. For suspicious files, the client sends a request to the Scan Cloud for confirmation if these files are harmful. If the files are classified as malicious then it removes malware or if it is classified as unknown it is uploaded to the scan cloud for further verification.

    My personal experience with Hitman Pro

    At first I was using Google Redirect virus in the beginning and wasted a lot of time with full scans using Norton 2010, bit defender etc. to no use as they just showed no problems. Later I came across a Hitman Pro as a fix for this virus. The cloud scan helped me a lot to identify a couple of problems and fixed them very quickly and no more redirects. I feel that it is worth a lot more than I paid for it. It is time efficient as it did not take the hour or hours that normally would in other products. I feel this is a very impressive application that’s being actively improved and gets updated all the time. It Leverages all the AM technology with practically zero resource usage. I want to thank the makers of this software for the amazing anti malware solutions provided and recommend for other users to use Hitman Pro for a safer and efficient computers.

    Click Here to Get Discount of Hitman Pro

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    Genesis Theme Review – Scam or Best for SEO? 

    There is a growing demand for software program that are used to design websites. Websites are used to provide an efficient advertisement for our products. Genesis Theme is the exclusively built website designer software. The features of the product are enlisted in the Genesis Theme Review link available in the official website.

    Why is Genesis Theme chosen?

    Genesis Theme website designer software enables us to build unbelievable websites with word press. This software is based on the genesis framework which has gained mass user attraction. No other framework provides such a secure foundation as the genesis framework. This framework takes the word press to unimaginable places. The software also offers a pro pus package which combines the efficient genesis and the prose frameworks. This also strives to include every theme the user requires. There are also attractive features for the users such as the point and click controls. The search facility offered is greatly optimized. In addition to these, the software also offers a great variety of turnkey design options. The user is entitled to taste every benefit of the Genesis Theme software. This software also offers an active forum where the experts discuss the problems, if any, that arise with the customers and provide immediate solutions.

    Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Genesis Theme

    Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Genesis Theme

    Key Features of the Genesis Theme

    The basic framework of the Genesis Theme , the genesis is search engine optimized. It ensures that the website we design is offered the top ranking. Thus, many clients and customers visit our website with much interest. The tutorials and recommendations help the customer to achieve better search engine placement results. The software provides a powerful array of beautiful frames for the user’s content. The usage of the software requires no expert developers or designers to experience the full functionality. The customers are entitled to get unlimited support from the software. The user can design any number of websites as he wishes. There exists no limit on the websites designed. The software also enables for the unlimited update feature. There are certainly no upper bounds on the domains that the users build upon. The framework offers an unpanelled value for multiple websites. This framework also helps the user in following all the best possible security measures. There is also a provision for an instantaneous update of the websites. The interfaces for customizing the website are incredibly very easy and convenient to use. The widgets offered add powerful functionalities to our website. The theme options facility updates the font size and the type at the request of the user. The tutorials that the Genesis Theme provides teach the user about every single step.

    My Personal Experience with the Genesis Theme

    Genesis Theme is the most efficient website designer software. The genesis framework is regarded as the smartest frameworks available. The security measures offered greatly reduces the user’s worries about the privacy. The software also provides interfaces for seamless customization. This software is the best to provide the user desired look to the website. The designer software is highly graphical and intuitive. No wonder that I am completely satisfied with the product. It gives a pride feeling to suggest the clients to use Genesis Theme.

    Click Here to Get Discount of Genesis Theme

    Click Here to Get Discount of Genesis Theme

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    PeopleFinders Scam – An Unbiased Review 

    In today’s fast paced world searching information such as name, residential address, telephone number about a particular person in a telephone directory is a very tedious and slow process. So to make one’s work easier and to get the details of a particular person we introduce the PeopleFinders. It is the most efficient way of getting the required information about a particular person and it also helps to retrieve the complete details of a particular person by just using their name or any other relevant minute details. One of the positives of PeopleFinders is that one can get all the details of any person in the world within a few seconds. The various features offered by the product can be viewed in the PeopleFinders Review available in its official website.

    Why use PeopleFinders

    PeopleFinders is the most efficient way of searching the details of a particular person via online. People’s can be searched and their necessary details can be retrieved by using any of their personal information such as first name, middle name, place of location , mobile no and contact id’s. It provides additional features to retrieve the details of the persons by using their public records, criminal and court records. It holds billions of records in its official website so that it provides a wide range of results that is efficient for a particular search of a person. It also proved a great advantage for the denizens to get their required information while they are browsing the internet.

    PeopleFinders advantages

    The major advantage of PeopleFinders is that it doesn’t charge unless it provides fruitful results for a search. It reduces the complexity of searching. It just requires an internet connection and a personal computer for searching and retrieving the information. It is used to get the necessary details about any person within a short duration of time. The most important characteristic of PeopleFinders is that the search can be narrowed down by using state or city from the more generalized to a particular person. Major attraction is its simplicity and the user interactive ambience provided by it. It is a great advantage for the travelers as they can get their updated information with the help of the internet. The membership cost is very less compared to the tiring search in the directory or any other search offered by software’s  via online

    My Personal experience with PeopleFinders

    This product, PeopleFinders has benefitted me a lot and has become a daily need for me. It reduces the burden of searching phone record logs to get the necessary details as it saves a lot of time. With the help of it I was able to easily identify the particulars of any person by just using short and simple keywords .It is the most user friendly software with the most efficient results for a particular search.  It is the most economical way of searching and getting the information about anyone. I personally feel that PeopleFinders is a boon to many. I strongly recommend it for the users and enjoy the attractive features provided by it.

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    PageLines WordPress Themes Review 

    Computers have now become extensively useful with the help of internet. Internet connectivity helps in connecting people across different corners of the world. The backbones of the internet are the websites. To make our products familiar around the world, we publish the products in the websites. The design of websites thus has gained huge demands in the recent times. But the design of a website is a notably difficult task. It requires certain expertise in hypertext and extensible markup languages. There exist many solutions to design a website. Leading among the solutions currently available is the PageLines framework. To have a better idea about the features of this framework, view the PageLines Review available in the official website.

    Why choose PageLines?

    For efficient webpage designs the software must be very flexible and user friendly. The web pages must be designed in such a way that it gains immediate attraction among the internet users. Also, the loading time of the software must be quick enough to yield better performance. The design of websites has become duly important to establish and emphasize the need of our product in the market. To our surprise, PageLines is the only designer software which meets all the above demands. The product also offers full control to the users. Also, PageLines product has become the most popular website designer software among the internet users.

    Significance of PageLines

    The product offers various professional word press themes. The product also offers to release many versions of the product once in a while with certain improvements over the previous release. It also offers membership to the regular customers with special privileges to the members. It provides various functionalities in the different streams of website designing through its products. Platform Pro is one among the software products provided by PageLines which is the first ever drag and drop word press framework. WhiteHousePro3 and Copra are a few services among the vast service provider domains of the product. All the above features have enabled PageLines to race through as a winner among its competitors.

    My Personal Experience with PageLines

    I have used a number of website designer software in the past. But, using PageLines was really an enchanting experience. It provides a wide range of options than any other website designer software. Very little knowledge I had in coding the website. Yet, the software provided guidance elegantly to meet all my needs in the design. Without having to learn any details of the core code, the product allows us to generate unique designs. The testing facility provided by the software aids to test a large number of different layout variants without any difficulties. The tips and guidelines provided by the software as a default service helped me to make a convenient and simple design. Further, the elegant design of the software has also been a constant encouragement and attraction towards the software. The quality of the typography and visual clarity provided is the best. I take pride in recommending the product PageLines for usage by all the internet users. 


    Click Here to Get Free Download of PageLines 

    Click Here to Get Free Download of PageLines

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    VDownloader Plus Review – Scam? 

    Downloading and converting the videos to our required format is a very slow and tedious process for many. VDownloader Plus comes to the rescue to make the above task simpler. It alleviates the complexity involving downloading the videos from different websites and converting them to the required formats. It has been scanned and does not contain any viruses. It strives to make sure this software works perfectly on every PC with Windows installed. If you are not 100% satisfied, it’s very easy to remove the application without any traces remaining on your computer. To get a better impression about this software and the features it is providing, do visit the VDownloader Plus Review that is present in its official website.



    Usage of VDownloader Plus

    The important characteristics of VDownloader Plus that makes it preferable software compared to others is that it allows to watch your favorite videos from all the websites. It also allows you to share and view the videos whenever and wherever you require. If you save any video to the hard disk with this application, you’ll be sure to find it with ease again when you want to show it to your friends or family. Using VDownloader Plus you can also convert it to another format that you require and transfer it to any kind of mobile device. Downloading and converting video is simple ,easy, reliable and fast in this software. It is 100% free and can be used on any Windows PC…[Read More]

    VDownloader Plus Efficient features

    VDownloader Plus is the most feature-complete and simple to use video downloader on the internet. It constantly improves the user experience by optimizing performance as well as adding new features to update the application. It saves disk space by adjusting the resolution and frame rate of the output video. From a click we can search through videos from multiple video hosting websites. Search engines are combined as they will aggregate and sort the results for you. The integrated browser helps you to find your favorite videos even faster. Schedule video downloads at a specified time as you required. Use proxy to access videos even if access is blocked .Copy the list of URL’s to download and convert several videos at once.

    My Personal experience with VDownloader Plus

    VDownloader Plus is free software and provides 100% free download. Of all the freeware I have used none except VDownloader Plus have such enormous features. It has a very good user interacting environment and it is very simple to use. If I had any queries regarding the usage I got clarified immediately with the online help provided for the users. The end user will be able to practice and use the software quickly without any difficulty because of its ease and simple steps to perform the operations of downloading and converting the videos. It is the most user friendly software with a good user interacting ambience provided by it. The quality of the videos is the best I have ever experienced. Hence, I personally feel that VDownloader Plus is the best for the end users and one can enjoy the attractive features provided by it.

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    The Reading Site Review – Scam? 

    The technology has advanced and now the people have relieved of their burden of carrying books and reading them. This is because of the new website called The Reading Site. With this, the users can now download a high quality of eBooks at a reasonable price and reduce the burden of carrying the books. The Reading Site is a website which is a frontrunner in the competition. It proves to be a good projection of your investment offering a valuable return in the form of eBooks. There are many other interesting options offered by this website that can be availed by knowing them. The listing of the salient features of this product is available in The Reading Site Review in the official website.

    Choosing the Reading Site

    Various categories of eBook downloader websites have survived in this domain oriented field. To meet the needs of the competitive world, these websites considerably provide certain unique features which make sure that they stand out from the others. To survive this race, there is always a healthy competition among these websites. The noteworthy features of The Reading Site have proven to attract the general public in huge numbers. Besides, the added burden of the books has also need to be eradicated. Comparing all the providers of eBook it can be proudly said that this website has proven best results in serving almost all the important eBooks required by the users..

    Why is The Reading Site efficient?

    The quality of the eBooks downloaded from The Reading Site is graded to be the highest of the internet downloads. To retain and to encourage the regular customers by offering them special membership options. The user requirements for the books vary mainly in the genre of books which range from classics, fiction and nonfiction, from business to romance, etc.., the website provides a full fledged and high quality technical support to the customers. It can be seen that a full time technical support is not being offered by most of the websites of this genre. The Reading Site offers eBooks compatible with iPods and phones. Huge selection of digital books service is offered to the regular users. ..[Read More]

    My Experience with the Reading Site

    I spend my leisure time in reading books and novels. I had to spend many days to just collect these books from various sources. Managing these books than the collection of these books it is a tedious task but The Reading Site has made it easy. It becomes necessary to arrange these books in a specific order to enable the search process easily. EBooks are provided by the different websites to eliminate all these problems to comfort the user. The interest in reading these eBooks increases with the usage of this product. Storing these eBooks in a particular order has already been performed in the website. This makes the search process the most convenient one. All the above salient features help the product to lead the race with a peculiar margin. It gives me great happiness to suggest to the users about the usage of The Reading Site website to download their favorite eBooks and improve their reading skills. ...[Read More]

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    The Novel Network Review – Scam? 

    Almost all the literature product is made available in a digital format these days. The most efficient format of digitally available novels and books are termed the eBooks. Though there are several providers of eBook, the successful contender among the other providers is the novel network. It provides matching high quality of the eBook downloads in a matter of single click. It also saves the customers monetarily by providing all the services at an affordable cost. There are also other interesting options available in the novel network which is discussed below. The official website lists the various optional and significant features of the product in the novel network Review link...[Read More]

    Click Here to Get Discount of The Novel Network

    Click Here to Get Discount of The Novel Network

    Need to choose the novel network

    There are various options of eBook downloader websites that have managed to thrive in the industry. In accordance with the competitive world, these websites offer some unique and different features from one another to make sure they survive at the end. This racing has paved way for a healthy competition among these websites. With its notorious features the novel network has gained significant attraction among the general public. Also, the maintenance burden of the books has also been eradicated. No other eBook downloader survives the severities and difficulties of the user requirements. Certain special features of the novel network are discussed below. ..[Read More]

    Efficiency of the novel network

    The downloader the novel network provides the highest quality of he eBook downloads on the internet. The downloader also aims at retaining the regularly visiting customers by offering them special membership facilitations. The downloader website also caters to meet the needs of various genres of books required by the user. These genres of books range from classics, fiction and nonfiction, from business to romance, etc..; the website has its key interests in providing a full fledged twenty four hour support to the user. The books that are downloaded from the novel network are compatible with iPods and phones. The users also enjoy a huge selection of digital books that help us in many ways.

    Sharing my experience with the novel network

    I am a regular reader of novels and books. Previously I had a collection of many books from various genres. It was much difficult to find out the original source of these books. A more difficult task is to maintain these books than the collection. Further, to arrange these books in certain orders such as chronology, author names, or any other category made the problems more obvious. The provision of eBook facilities eradicates all these problems from the user’s point of view. These eBooks are interesting to read and need not be maintained with difficulties. The storage of these eBooks in the website is already done in a particular order. It is much simple to identify the books in this source website. Also, the burden of allocating particular storage areas for the books has completely been met with. I gain privilege in suggesting switching from other website downloader’s to the novel network to taste the feast of reading.

    Click Here to Get Discount of The Novel Network

    Click Here to Get Discount of The Novel Network

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    ShopperPress Review – Scam 

    Establishing trading services online is a tedious process as creating a website and then forming up advanced security features are required in making transactions secure. ShopperPress is one such website which offers service for online trading which provides the best reliable solution for the above said problems. It provides services for advertising their products within their website and hence contributes to a better productivity of the concerns. It caters to all the basic needs and also provides additional options for the end users to develop their business easily. For further details regarding the efficient features offered by it you can check out ShopperPress Review available in the official website.

    Click Here to Get Discount of ShopperPress 

    Why ShopperPress?

    ShopperPress provides a much simpler mechanism for a concern to start their business online which is otherwise a tedious process. It makes the task of creating the website for a concern so simple by making use of the pre-developed templates. It also makes the user interface design process so simple by providing a rich set of themes. Another reason to use ShopperPress is that it has built-in taxing tools which would simplify the billing process which otherwise requires lots and lots of coding. It is completely browser based thereby allowing users to access from anywhere rather than localizing the purchases which results in less productivity. Marketing task is also made simple by providing advertising slots within the website which leads to an increased turnover of the concern and also keep the customers to stay updated with their products.

    Features of ShopperPress

    The key feature of ShopperPress is that no encryption is being used here and source code is open. Another highlighting feature is that it supports multiple languages and multiple currency tools thereby providing worldwide shopping services. Another striking feature is that it provides a search engine which contributes to better user friendliness by allowing the pages to be indexed. ShopperPress incorporates with itself the most advanced security features along with extra security plug-ins for WordPress as well as HTTPS/SSL secure page. It also makes the customizing task secured by the web-based control panel which allows you to access and manage your store anywhere in the world, simply login via the password-protected administrative area and update/add products in real time.

    My Personal Experience with ShopperPress

    I started using ShopperPress four months back and as soon as I used its services, my percentage of profit doubled as a result I could start establishing new branches which further enabled to attain better productivity. Now I can make my customers well updated about our new services/products in a much simple manner since no programming task is associated with this. The product has proved me to be cost effective and offered solution that I have been looking for and enables me to run sites with relative ease. It offered me a great solution for online store. I have to be thankful for its trusted service for the development of my business. I have a personal opinion that ShopperPress is the best product for the end-users for their website and strongly recommend the same.

    Click Here to Get Discount of ShopperPress

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