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    Flash Memory Toolkit 

    Professional version of flash memory toolkit has released on the market. It is offers new version of 2.00 which improves the storage device of larger capacity. It is reaches up to 16 GB which means you can store hundreds file unlimitedly.  It is suitable different needs of daily activities. Either you are professional workers or college students, each is available to explore its application of specific development. It is faster and accurate while dealing to file recovery. It is also reliable to promote deletion and/or backup functions. It is followed by multilingual languages which covers its global performance in presence.

    Key Features of Flash Memory Toolkit

    Special device of professional coverage is something which reliable and dependable to optimize. It is included Flash Memory Toolkit which comes with some key features. First, it is defines the main function of flash memory card and USB stick supports. Next, it is faster and accurate to recover certain files. It is also secure the function of erasing which means you can wipe the entire contents within one single click. It is followed of extensive error checking that works automatically. The backup function is perfect to create little by little copies identically. This storage device is suitable to accommodate raw measurement and file performance. last but not least, its USB information and detailed device has supported of three different languages of English, German, and Dutch. The features is continued to improve of upgradable version. It is known as 2.01 that consider low level benchmark with fix scaled bug. Each improvement is design to fit your personal need of free or premium installers. It is available to subscribe through the related site that link online. It is effective, faster, and efficient while leading you to the right conception of memory toolkit in used. It is also compatible of different operation systems that exist today.

    Flash Memory Toolkit


    It is perfect to improve user interface. The addition of multilingual languages is simplifies file recovery performance. It is makes adding or removing devices can easily detect. The measurement of accessed time is also added. It is followed by benchmark file length which increases. It is design to support windows 7 in specific.


    The storage device is created to be higher in performance. It means you are limited of unneeded function which interrupts the application. That is why it takes less advantage to upgrade new version. New version is usually carries new improvement which covers data file management toward addition, removal, backup, deletion, and recovery.

    General Conclusion

    The storage device in terms of flash memory toolkit is perfect to explore. The development has provides to two new series of 2.00 and 2.01. Each has its beneficiary function to drive your data management of its proper usage. It is describe through related features which mainly focuses on adding, removing, backing up, deleting, and recovering file performance. The multilingual languages are provided to help you read simple understanding toward its installation. The unlimited storage of 16 GB is considered as final improvement which accommodates data exploration toward free access. So, there is no need to hesitate its quality.

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    CPU Speed Professional Review 

    The real processor speed of CPU has released on the market. It is design to fit professional used in faster, effective, and efficient. It is comes from different Intel and AMD processors which selects through comparison. The comparison is regularly reviews to let you find the reliable processor while being optimized on daily basis. CPU is generally functions to accommodate compatible used toward various servers, workstations, mobile computers, laptop, netbook, and more. As you realize, people are having different kinds of activity which needs daily support. The advance technology of CPU might be a perfect choice to promote global connection without limitation.

    CPU Speed Professional

    CPU Speed Professional Features

    CPU is generally refers to Central Processing Unit. It is considered as the portion of computer system which carries out general contractions of related program in used. The existence is taking main function as primary element of computer. It has varied within times from high end CPU up to middle-low end CPU. It is takes similar operation but has different ways to fit your daily performance of computer application. The regular improvement is what brings CPU Speed Professional as new innovation that releases today. It is maintained through comparison among CPU regular performance before taking lead on worldwide ranking. It is specifically tested to determine its global rating of processor in used. It has taking twelve different tests toward CPU to match with the compatible processor. The related processor is compare and recorded to let you know its exact score of speed. The benchmark table is provided to help you compare certain choices form all over the world. The test is also included some process of overclocked CPU, high end processor, CPU server, mid range processor, Intel Atom netbook CPU, and netbook CPU shootout. It is makes variety speeds of CPU  released from the latest release of quad CPU Intel Xeon at the top speed of X7460-2.86GHz up to the dual CPU Intel Xeon at the speed of W5590-3.33GHz.

    The Advantage of CPU Speed Professional

    The professional coverage of CPU is completely secure and granted of spyware deletion. The software has available to download online for free. The quick installation will run your processor through benchmark chart that define its speed. It is reliable and dependable to apply anytime needed. It is also upgradable to term in continues.

    The Disadvantage

    Here, you need to pay attention of others mother board component which cannot perform proper used within the process. It is caused of the different performances of overlocked system. It is doesn’t carry much confusion since  you only need to click ‘submit my score’ button to operate the application directly.

    CPU Speed Professional Judgment

    Overall, professional service of CPU benchmark is reliable and dependable to monitor your processor speed. It is important for those who actively uses computer as media of activity. It is something which doesn’t need much to earn maximum coverage. The operation system is flexible to match different usages of computer performance. It is also available to access for 24 hours. It is followed by the guarantee of spyware deletion. It is beyond compares for those who like to surf online without afraid affecting the computer in used. The professional service won’t let you down since it updates regularly through research.

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    Gizmo Central Review – Colorizing Text of Gizmo Central Editor 

    New theme of Gizmo central 2.7 has released on the market. It is comes with several improvement which covers through advanced series.  It is offers something which never predicted before. It is design to make attraction of lively, interesting, and cheerful appearance that reflects through its display screen. It is suitable for different uses which look for optimum performance that bright your vision and mission. It is generally related to PC performance which complements its specification of related features. It is included Gizmo related software which provides to accommodate its general performance. It is available to explore for optimal development.

    Gizmo Central

    Gizmo Central Features

    Gizmo is offering general improvement toward its standard features. There is Gizmo drive which carries mount ISO for encrypted hard drive image to virtual drive. It is followed by Gizmo script which automates your PC to execute functional script. There is also Gizmo database which includes query analyzer to store analyzer procedure. Next is Gizmo editor which colorizes text and hex/binary editors. Last but not least is Gizmo hasher that calculates hash values of file, folder, and drive. Each is included to define its maximum application Gizmo Central. At first, it will attract your eyes toward new advanced theme. It is covers through full VHD mounting which present dynamic, fixed, and difference reflection. The image mounting in various format, from CUE to MDF is also included. The hex and syntax text editors are provided to reach its maximum performance of colorizing text.  It is simplified with mouse and keyboard automatic operations. It is closed with database tools and query analyzer with IntelliSense. Each is compatible to supported platforms such as windows server 2003 and 2008, windows 7, windows vista, windows 2000, and windows XP. It is still improved to let you find the latest changes of Gizmo without taking much more confusion.

    Good Term of Gizmo Central

    Gizmo is perfect to enliven your PC of upgrade features. It is offers drive, script, database, editor, and hasher which take its personal function of inner and outer performance. It is varied from new theme, complete with the VHD mounting, not to mention the hex/syntax text editors, database tool, query analyzer, completed with IntelliSense, and also mouse/keyword automation.

    Bad Term of Gizmo Central

    The bad term of Gizmo is mainly caused of fixed bug changes such as minor UI enhancement; RUNDLL error to appear on system where short file name disabled; full screen game minimized itself as being running for background; and getting crash as certain items being deleted from pop up group.

    Gizmo Central Application

    Gizmo Central is available to apply toward different uses. It is ready to explore to meet its certain developments from drive up to hasher. Each is needed to consider in proper for earning better coverage of optimal application. It is something which defines perfection of outer appearance and its inner software to combine as one. It is reliable and dependable since you don’t need to take much for earning more. it is already available to purchase online with detail information toward its specification before running on application. It is recommended for global used of businessman, housewife, student, employee, and more. 

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    Overview of SpeedMaxPc

    SpeedMaxPcYou will look at your computer as your best friends. All people will say that they cannot live without turn on their pc in the morning because there they will able to check their email, send message, send email, send documents, type the documents, and much more. Some photographers will never able to work well when there is no computer beside them. Computer is very important but sometimes you cannot use it in maximum way because there are some problems. You sometimes find that your computer is not in good condition because the windows error. Today you will never get your error again because you can solve all problems with SpeedMaxPc. It makes your computer in maximum speed.

    The Features

    What you will get from this software then? You will get some benefits. This program will help your computer to make your pc easy to do registry in safe way and it will avoid your pc from some errors. You will able to get fast devices driver updates. It is good for you to recovery data. Sometimes you have lots of bad data and you still want to use it, this program will help you to find an repair your data in fast time. There are some features that you can get when you install this software. It will improve speed in the system processes so you will not need to wiat for long time again. Then it will work in memory usage, browser cache, system drivers, internet explorer, process manager, download history, and privacy or history files. It is easy to be downloaded for Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and other. You can free download and then get some detail information about this program in free too. You can get maximum speed because there will be no system errors again in your pc and you can use your pc fast and anytime you want and need you pc.

    The Good

    This program offers you some goods. You will easy to download it for free so it will save your money. This program contains of anti viruses such as anti spyware and malware or other bad viruses too so you don’t need to worry again with some bad viruses attack in your computer.

    The Bad

    The bad of this program is that this program will run in long time and it makes your pc slow when this program is running. You need to check the features and then pleases make sure that your pc is supported or acceptable for this software or you will get some other errors.

    The Verdict

    You should check your computer because you always say that you need to sue your computer so you should not let your computer in bad condition. It is so important for you to always install good software to make your computer in efficient work and it can have fast speed too. You can use this software because it will help you to speed up some areas in your pc. You need to be careful because sometimes it makes your pc slow and you cannot use it fast when it is still scan or work in your pc. It is better for you to check your pc condition regularly.

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    Overview of UltimateDefrag

    All people in this world will need to use computer. We will never able to do all jobs in good way when you don’t use computer. There are so many activities that you can do in front of your computer. You can edit some data, count budget, send email, browse all things and sell your products. It is common that we need good performance of computer to support good work. We will work and finish our jobs in fast way when we have fast performance of computer. Today you can find software that offered to you to improve your computer work. You just need to use UltimateDefrag to help you to manage all things and files so you will have maximum performance.



    There are so many features of this product. One of the most important things is helping all people to defrag all files in all folders. You can get some problems and it will solve your problems. This software will be suitable for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and some applications in your computer. It is easy to be installed in your computer. You can buy in very easy way. You can buy this software by paying at $ 29.95. This software will contain of some programs and it will scan to all folders that you choose to defrag. It is fast and you will don’t need to wait for long time again to get your clean files. Your files will be in good order and it makes your computer reduce some errors and it can help your computer in fast way too. You can find it in lower price when you use Windows XP. Special for Windows XP, you can get special offering too because in some site this software will be easy to be downloaded and by paying at $ 19.95 only. You can instant download this software anytime you want and you can start defrag your files anytime you want too.

    The Good

    The good of this software is you will able to improve your computer performance from 400% up to 700% fastest than the previous or common speed. It means you will able to work and finish all jobs in faster time. You will get profits faster too and you can reduce some errors in your computer.

    The Bad

    The bad of this software is you will make your computer need to wait when the program is working. You cannot use your computer in fast time because this software works hard to scan and defrag so nay folders in your computer. It is dangerous when your computer contains of viruses.

    The Verdict

    You must care of your computer. You will never able to work fast when there is something bad in your computer. It is the reason why some people or computer’s user will defrag some folders when they use their computer. By defrag some folders, the error files will be solved and it will repair in fast time so it will support the performance and speed of your computer. You can use this software because it is easy to be installed and it is cheap. You must wait when this program is working and it will make your work stop for a while.

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    The MemTurbo; Boost up Your System

    There are moments when we feel so desperate with our system. Somehow, we felt that our system’s performance couldn’t work perfectly. In other times, we might feel that our system has the low performance and that is why, we surely got to upgrade it. This is truly important to make sure that the system would work properly so we could use it properly as well. That is why, you would need the MemTurbo. It would give you some excellent solutions to boost up the system performance. Surely, we got to know more about this memory manager before we decided to use it to our system.

    What’s in MemTurbo?

    According to the news, this software is truly the excellent software that could give you some chances to make your system works better. When you felt that your computer has already went slow, perhaps its about time for you to use the MemTurbo. This software could give you the decent “touch” to make sure that your computer would go better and better. So, what is this software do actually? The MemTurbo could be used to defrag the physical RAM. This software could recovers the RAM and it also helps the computer to recover some leaked memory so it would be better and it might support the whole performance of the computer. For your information, this software doesn’t use the compression version. This is truly the decent way to upgrade your computer’s performance. There wouldn’t be any other problems in the computer such as the memory leaks. This MemTurbo also helps you to maintain the computer’s reliability with the best and the securest way for your computer. This is the time for you to turn to this software. It would give you something that you have never get from other kinds of similar software. This high performance memory manager software could fix the performance problems that we might find in the cyber network.

    Is it good enough?

    This MemTurbo could give you the possibilities to improve the application’s performance as much as this software could upgrade the speed as well. It would help you to recover some memory leaks so there wouldn’t be any leaks anymore and your computer could work properly. Managing the system memory and the virtual memory wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

    The Bad Thing about MemTurbo

    There are always negative things of some stuff, at least according to some certain users. The MemTurbo also has it, at least according to some computer users. This software could do the deep scrub. That is good. Somehow, when this action was in progress, the users might feel that this action would take too long. The problem is, the software wasn’t competed with the indicator to let the user know how much longer the action would take.


    Still, most of the users considered MemTurbo as the good software. Despite that the software might have some lacks such as it was mentioned above, surely some other users still considered it as the perfect software that could give them some favors to upgrade the computer’s performance. There wouldn’t be any other kinds of memory problems that could have some impacts to the computer’s performance. Soon after the users used this, the Windows and all programs would be faster and somehow, hangs wouldn’t be often happened.

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    WinDirStat Portable Overview

    Visualizing the whole structure of your computer is not a hassle anymore because by using WinDirStat Portable, you can now conveniently view the entire content of your hard drive. This is very useful if you want to figure out what types of files taking up space of your hard drive. If you are using a computer running using Windows operating system, you may have understood how the operating system visualizes your hard drive structure. If you inspect the properties of a hard drive, you can find a pie chart with blue section representing occupied space and red section representing free space. WinDirStat does further than that because it not only visualizes the hard drive structure universally, but it also visualizes the hard drives’ directories and all files stored in those directories.

    WinDirStat Portable

    WinDirStat Features

    WinDirStat visualizes the overall structure of your hard disk in the form of colored blocks structured as a treemap. Each folder stored in your hard drive will be represented by block with specific color and, according to its type, each file stored in that folder will too. Folders and files consuming larger space will be represented by blocks with bigger size. If you click a block, you can reveal the location of the folder or file represented by that block in your hard drive. Therefore, you can easily figure out which folder and which file consumes the most space of your hard drive. If you think that those large folders and files are unnecessary, you can delete them immediately.

    In addition to visualizing the structure of your hard drive, this program also allows you to clean up your hard drive from unnecessary files. The clean-up function that this program provides is more advanced than the similar built in function with which your operating system is equipped because it allows you to specify which parts of your hard drive to be cleaned and which parts should remain intact. You thus don’t have to worry about accidental deletion of certain important file because of its advancement.


    WinDirStat is a powerful disk management program which you can download freely from the internet. This is obviously the reason why using this program is highly recommended. The portable version of this program makes it possible for you to place it in your removable storage device and use it anywhere you want. This program also performs so fast that you can free 2 GBs of junk files in less than two minutes.


    In spite of its power in managing hard drive’s space and keeping its space utilization efficient, this program has a slight flaw that it doesn’t warn you when you want to delete a file. There are also several users who report their preference of using other disk management programs instead of using this program.


    As a free disk management program, WinDirStat can be matched in power and quality with other commercial and proprietary disk management programs. The visualization of hard drive structure using colored blocks is an innovation that is hardly found in other disk management programs. However, users’ circumspection is highly recommended when using this program because it doesn’t warn them when they delete files or folders. Although there are several users who say that this program is less powerful than other similar programs that are sold commercially, it is still considered unmatchable by other programs that are distributed freely and the portable feature of this program further makes it prevailing over its competitors.

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    MBR Fix (Mbrfix.exe) is a program that you can use to repair corrupt master boot record on your hard disk. Master boot record is a set of data coded on the hard drive of your computer that is critical for the startup process. For many reasons, such as the installation of multiple operating systems on the same hard disk, master boot record may become corrupt. The corruption of master boot record can cause serious problems, such as computer’s inability to boot. MBR Fix can be used to repair the corrupt master boot record by resetting the master boot record to its initial state.

    MBR Fix Features

    MBR Fix deals with everything relating to the management of computer’s master boot record. It can be used to back up MBR and to restore it whenever needed, to fix corrupt boot code in the MBR, and to do many other tasks that are important to keep the wellbeing of the MBR. This program is command-line based so you should be an advanced computer user if you want to use it. To use this program, you need to download it for free from the internet and install it on your bootable floppy disk. The installation can be done using a computer with any running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating systems, including Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows PE. After the installation is completed, you can use the floppy disk on the computer with corrupt MBR. If you are an advanced computer user, you can easily run the program by booting the computer using the floppy disk (you have to modify your computer BIOS in order to do that) and running the program from A:\. This program can also be run directly from Windows’ command shell if the corruption doesn’t prevent you from entering Windows of if you only want to reset the currently operating MBR. Remember that you must have administrative privilege to run the program inside Windows.

    The Pros of Using MBR Fix

    MBR Fix is a tiny yet versatile program that you can download for free from the internet. Because of its small size, it doesn’t take very long to download the program. Once the program is downloaded and used, it also doesn’t take very long to let the program repair your computer’s MBR.

    The Cons of Using MBR Fix

    Despite its versatility, MBR Fix is dedicated for advanced computer users. If you expect an MBR fixing program with user friendly GUI, you will not find it in MBR Fix because it is entirely command-line based program. And more, sometimes, this program needs to be run using floppy disk, which is not found in modern personal computers and laptops.


    Regardless of its pros and cons, MBR Fix is the current most versatile program available for free and there is hardly more versatile yet free MBR fixing program that can be used as its alternative. That’s the reason why many computer users today still rely on this program to fix their computer’s corrupt MBR. Although it is command-line based program, you can learn about how to use it quite straightforwardly because its developer has provided concise yet brief HTML manual for it. If the computer that you want to fix doesn’t support floppy disk drive, you can burn it on bootable CD or make a bootable flash disk using program that you can download for free from the internet.

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    Everest Ultimate Edition 

    There are many kind of program available in the market which said that they will be able to make your work a lot easier. Interested by the offer, we sometimes buy the program and installed them with high expectation on what the program will do for you. With this program, there will be no need to buy many programs since it is already a complete package that contains lots of program that you need. You can choose from many devices available and make use of them for your computer’s necessity.


    For those who don’t quite familiar with computer, this is the perfect program for you to have. Once you installed them in your computer, you’ll be able to receive much information that you need, whether it is about your hard drive condition, operating system, the availability of memory and also the condition of your storage devices. Certainly by able to know this kind of information easily, you can always know when your computer need to be up graded so that you can maintain your computer’s health at all time. The best thing about Everest Ultimate Edition is the ability to monitor your hardware by taking note on the power and thermal condition. This is very useful for everyone that using their computer for heavy duty or for those who needs to run their computer in long working hours. For those who know more about computer, you can move one step ahead in diagnosing your computer on your own since this program has a feature that allows you to spot the weakness that your computer may have. Of course, it doesn’t mean that his feature only able to be done by professional since you can be sure that the program is completed with easy to use guidance so everyone no matter what background they have will be able to use the program without having any kind of difficulties.

    Everest Ultimate Edition

    The Good

    Since you can always monitor your computer condition whenever you have the time, this will minimize the possibility of having a computer breakdown or losing important data because of the system damage. By keeping your computer in good performance, you can also reduce the amount of maintenance cost you need to spend.

    The Bad

    Everest Ultimate Edition program are only able to detect the problem in your computer. Therefore, it is only work as a prevention program only. Once it is found to be something wrong with your computer, the program couldn’t be able to assist you in fixing the problem and you’re still need to find professional help to fix the damage your computer have.

    The Verdict

    Even though it is said that the program work as prevention to problem only, but the fact is that having the program to be installed in your computer is not something that will only waste your time and money. After all, preventing damage to the hardware or minimizing the effect of it is something that you need to consider, especially if your work is depending on the performance of your computer.

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    The Simple Solution in Preventing Spam Effectively 

    The use of Anti-Spam is really common in the use of computer and internet. Spam can be said as the unwanted or unexpected mail. It is often exist on our Email. It becomes something annoying for us since the spammers sent something useless, hoax, and any other junk things. In addition, it becomes much more annoying because there are so many kinds of spam which consist of virus or Trojan. It can interfere or even damage the system of our device and also network. There are so many ways in preventing the spam that we can get.

    The first way is by maximizing the feature of anti spam in our mail. There are some basic technologies of anti spam that can be categorized and we need to know before. They can be used in giving the protection of our email for spam that we may get. They are the reverse look up, filter, cryptography, and challenge response. All of those technologies can be helpful to prevent the spam even though sometimes they could not be perfectly working and have some disadvantages to be applied. Even though we find the newest or recent one, but of course it will give the disadvantage too. Any kinds of anti-spam technology can give some advantages, of course since it is aimed at preventing the spam. Of course, it can be quite helpful for us to prevent the spam that might be obtained in our Email and might damage our system. It will reduce the possibilities in getting the annoying and harmful spam. From the various technology of Anti-Spam, we could not find the perfectly work one. The technology of the Anti-spam for nowadays is quite developed but not one of them that could not give any satisfying result. Each of those technologies has their own disadvantages and constraints in doing their duties in preventing the spam.

    There are some kinds of technologies that are used in the anti-spam. However, no one of them that can provide the satisfying results. However, we can do some ways in order to prevent the spam that we might get by our own way since there is no one of the anti spam technologies that can perfectly work. The first is using the different emails for the different purpose, for example we use the particular email for working and business purposes, while for the social communication, and we can use another email address. Second, activating the antivirus and firewall will be helpful to prevent the damage of our systems caused by the spam since nowadays we can often find so many kinds of spam which consist of virus and any other threats. We also need to deactivate the relay system of our email which can help our server not to be the target of the spammers, or we can get the anti relay program to be activated. The, it is better for us using and optimizing the use of feature in our email in categorizing the email. It will minimize the possibility in getting the junk mail and spam that might be obtained in our mail. Those are the simple way for us but it can give the great and significant impact in preventing the spam in our mail. We only need to make it as a habit and we will see the benefits in preventing the spam.  

    The combination of those ways, which is using the anti spam feature and also getting the good habit in using the mail will be the good idea for us to prevent the spam. It sounds so simple but actually doing those great combination is better than we only use the anti spam feature. Now, we do not need worrying the threats of the spam in using the email because we have known what we need to do to prevent it.

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