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    Fix-It Utilities 11 Professional 

    An Overview of Fix-It Utilities Professional

    Fix-It Utilities Professional brought to us by the makers Avanquest can be categorized as registry repair software with many more attractive features. It is not only well created but quite easy to comprehend and also one of the safest product. It not only comes with a high end registry repair tool but it is also accompanied by diagnostic tool which helps in keeping the performance of the PC to the optimum and as good as when we newly purchase the same. If your aim is to maintain the PC and prevent it from unknown errors and issues the best thing you have to do is invest in the Fix-It Utilities Professional product. The below Fix- It utilities professional review should get you updated on the outstanding features and benefits it comes with.


    • It can be recommended as a One Click solution as it runs tests almost to the tune of 250 to guide us in scanning and fixing the present as well as potential issues that can occur on your PC.
    • As so many in-depth tests are involved it takes care of majority of issues which can cause problems. Apart from the registry cleaning it also has other facilities and tools to even scan and repair the drives, OS and other relevant parts of the PC
    • Immediate rectification of your slow and sluggish computers can be seen once you run and repair your system with Fix- It utilities professional. Right from repairing as well as defragmenting and speeding up the PC it takes care of each and every aspect.


    The major benefit of Fix- It utilities professional is that apart from the normal registry cleaner job which many products offer, this package comes with a whole lot of stuff ranging from anti-virus program as well anti-spyware program, file and system registry tools as well as diagnostic and protection tool. This impressive combination of programs and tools which assure total protection to your system is something that one dreams of.


    In-depth scanning with many important utilities tools makes it a very impressive product to reckon with. As it comes with whole gamut of products required for optimum performance, speed and security of your computer system nothing is lacking in the same. The manual and the documentation available covers most of the support or help areas required.


    As there are lot of information and lot of tools available you may get confused and it can be overwhelming for the beginners but with the extensive manual help and documentation available even that aspect is taken care of.

    Fix-It Utilities Professional


    It is indeed a safe ,genuine and reliable registry repair product and usually some registry cleaners are targeted for novices and some for high end users but here comes a product which suffixes the needs and requirements of both. With its many options and tools the high end user is quite content with it and to help the novice the easy interface as well as the extensive documentation help and support makes it easy for him to grasp the mechanism. So guys what are you waiting for? Go for Fix- It utilities professional immediately

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    Tips of Windows System Optimization 

    When working on computers for long periods then usually system performance gets affected. To make the system operation easier and smooth you are required to find yourself system optimizers. The ways to optimize a system require much verification and depends on which type of a system you are using. The main purpose of system optimizer is to have a good operating system with all of its best functions giving results quicker than before in a much better way. Systems can be optimized by doing some adjustments, changing setting of the computer and laying different parameters to acquire good results.

    Optimization is something which is practically needed in all fields of human venture. One can set up models in order to check the results for alternate settings in those models but this is an expensive way to do so. Optimizers use this optimization in different structures of the systems and further processes in certain operating systems to get better and more defined results.

    First of all what you need is to get numerical details about the system in modern optimization. Then according to the description optimizers check the situation from simple to complex findings. According to those findings one can fix and manage the issues. Systems optimizers basically are being used to fix the system errors, and speed up the system performance and maintain the system memory. System optimizer can also reinstate the lost or deleted files. These can allocate the space occupying drive and can as well be valuable when one finds no space then system optimizer can show the files or folders and all the drives with possible extra space. This information helps the user in cleaning up the drives and folders to get extra space.

    System optimizer also defragments the files and drives, with fragmented information which usually slows down the systems speed. This helps these fixing of the fragmented errors within the system and maintain the system in order, making the applications run and perform faster compared to previous results.

    System optimizers have the capability to not only fix the errors but also remove the bad sectors and anti spy wares along with the cleaning up of junk and temporary files occupying computers hard disk space. They contain some important security features which protect the system from viruses while browsing or surfing internet, detect threats and other nasty stuff which can harm the computer without the user knowing.

    System optimizers have many other salient features like they keep the system files in order and have the option such as which programs the user wants to run and rest can be turned off for quicker execution..

    Thus system optimizers are much better options for all the users while using computers at home or at their offices as they do not need to reboot the system again and again due to errors and to make the computer perform better, instead what they need is a system optimizer which can be beneficial in saving time and providing a much better system performance.

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    Spotmau Powersuite 2011 Review 

    There are many applications that serve to measure the computer performance and evaluate the results. These are necessary because the performance of computers gets decreased in time. Spotmau Powersuite 2011 is software exclusively built for executing computer performance analyses. The features that the product offers are illustrated in the Spotmau Powersuite 2011 Review link available in the official website.

    Spotmau Powersuite 2011 versus other software

    Spotmau Powersuite 2011 provides cure for a variety of problems the system faces. It is also easy to use software and thrusts no former user experience to use the software. No other analysis software is affordable to the common man as this product. It offers a wide range of extensive features which are lacking in other testing software. It has also won the Top Ten Reviews, softonic rating awards as an added feature. The options that are provided by this software are exclusively built up for measuring computer performance. It offers a 100% complete checkup of the computer system which the other software program fails to offer. Spotmau Powersuite 2011 composes exhibitive interfaces which help in providing a better understanding to the user. A few extensive features of the product are discussed concisely in the following section.

    Significant features of the Spotmau Powersuite 2011

    Spotmau Powersuite 2011 facilitates the scanning of the computers in all aspects including hardware, software, and system conflicts. Highly critical data like the windows hidden errors, registry defects and the security backdoors can also detected and analyzed with this software. The software aims at detecting the redundancy and errors in the registry and fixes them to improve the computer functioning. Also, there are facilities for scanning all the plugins attached with the internet explorer and fixes the errors in them. Potential security backdoors are also among the problems detected and healed by the software. It cleans up the computer at regular intervals and keeps the computer free from temporary internet files. Thus it increases the start up speed of the personal computer. The outdated trash files are also scanned and removed by the software. Thus, it enables efficient usage of the computer storage space. The software also stops the running hidden programs and releases the system resources for usage by other components. The facility to encrypt the critical files with password ensures the authentication and authorization of the files. Unnecessary sensitive files are thrown away from the system permanently. The software offers the “Personal Safe” facility to store the highly sensitive and critical data. The security system of the software is built as an unbreakable technology. The software is capable of producing backups of large number of files in minutes of time. Also, the Spotmau Powersuite 2011 offers to restore these stored files at any moment on user’s request.

    My Personal involvement with Spotmau Powersuite 2011

    The installation of the software optimized and increased the speed of my computer performance. I was able to recover the deleted or formatted files very easily with this software. The software also fixed many of my registry and system errors. I strongly recommend the users to use Spotmau Powersuite 2011 to taste the exclusive advantages of the software.

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    Spotmau Powersuite 2010 Review 

    Spotmau Powersuite 2010 Review”

    image Recently, an all-in-one pc tool package is hot. People are seeking pc tool with all-in-one features and merchants are trying to maximize their profits, so it’s a win-win situation to buy an all-in-one package with less money. Amongst those increasing software programs, I found Spotmau Powersuite is a cost-efficient and performance-efficient package with almost all the features people need in daily life. The exclusive and key feature of Spotmau Powersuite is CD boot utilities with which you do not need to be frustrated when your computer can’t be booted.


    download_green_extra_largeRecommended: Visit Website of Spotmau Powersuite 2010


    Spotmau Powersuite Overview

    with Spotmau Powersuite, You can:

    circle-check Boot up your computer when your windows corrupts.

    circle-check Fix and install Windows in a more easy way.

    circle-check Clean up your web browser history

    circle-check Perform a 360° PC health check

    circle-check One-click PC health check – find out all your PC’s problem one time

    circle-check Install Windows or fix problems with Windows

    circle-check Partition and format your hard drive under boot mode

    circle-check Optimize your system performance

    circle-check Recover lost data and passwords

    circle-check Clone or backup your system safely and easily

    circle-check and more …

    Key Features of Spotmau Powersuite 2010


    arrow-rightTuneUp Kit

    The kit includes all you need for tune up your computer – Registry Cleaner, Startup Management, Service Management, IE Repair, Internet Speedup; Disk Cleanup, Smart Uninstall,System Cleaner, IE/Firefox Privacy Cleaner and Shortcut Cleaner; .

    arrow-rightPassword & Key Finder

    With this feature, you can find your forgotten email passwords, or other passwords.

    arrow-rightWindows Recovery

    Partition table recovery, master boot record, registry, lost/missing files recovery can be made easily and convenient with this feature.

    arrow-rightSecurity & Privacy 

    Your IE privacy or system caches can be cleaned with one-click with this feature.

    arrow-rightWindows Admin/User Password Recovery

    It’s a must when you forget your windows password.

    arrow-right PC Health Check

    Want to the status of your PC, just use this feature to check.

    arrow-rightPersonal Safe

    You can encrypt your important files with this feature.

    arrow-rightSpotmau Secretary 

    This feature give you daily schedule for cleaning and manager your computer.

    arrow-rightData Transfer

    With one-click, you can transfer important or system files to a removable media with this feature for backup.

    arrow-rightData Recovery & Disk Backup/Restore

    This feature make it easily for restore your files missing from deleting or formatting.

    arrow-rightWindows Backup & Restore

    You even can backup and restore your system with this feature.

    arrow-rightPartition Genius

    With this feature, you can create, delete or format your partitions when boot your computer.


    arrow-right Get More Details of These Features.

    Pricing & Money Back Guarantee

    You get 50% off of Spotmau Powersuite 2010 here. $49.95 is surprising pricing for me, sine each tool inside the powersuite worth more than $40. So I highly recommend you try this cost-efficient product at once since the discount may expire soon and they offer 30 day full money back guarantee – you lose nothing.



    Spotmau’s award-winning software Spotmau PowerSuite offers users with a new, innovative computer maintenance option. Spotmau PowerSuite goes above and beyond a standard recovery disk, providing you with a comprehensive solution for all of your computer maintenance needs. With the simple CD, some big problems with my computer has been solved , and my computer get back to work fast.  I highly recommend you try SpotMau Powersuite Immediately!


    click-here-to-visit-blue2 Click Here To Visit Official Website of SpotMau Powersuite Immediately


    Spotmau Powersuite 2010 Review

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    iolo System Mechanic Review 

    “System Mechanic Review”

     image  This my personal iolo System Mechanic Review, and not the official website of iolo. If you are in a hurry. Here is a coupon for you.


    Get the new System Mechanic 10 for only $39.95 [normally $49.95]. Coupon code: SM95

    iolo System Mechanic Overview

    Iolo has experience more than 12 years of dealing with computer system issues – registry repairs, speeding up, tuning up, optimizing system performance and more. The key prodcut is System Mechanic which can

    • Fix system errors, freezes and crashes
    • Clean, defrag and fix the Registry
    • Clean file systems
    • Speed up startup time and web browser speed
    • Defrag RAM and recover wasted memory

     And More.

    Key Functions of System Mechanic

    Optimize Windows Startup & PC Cleanup

    With iolo System Mechanic, the first thing you can solve is speeding up the system boot time. Amongst those similar products, iolo makes the best one for feature of  speeding up boot time. You also can clean up unnecessary or temp files and unnecessary registry entries with one click of System Mechanic.


    System Mechanic analysis and repair & Program Accelerator

    The analysis of System Mechanic use advances algorisms to make sure your repairs and and removes are safe and best. After the repairs, you will feel the speeding up ultimately. In addition, The program accelerator gives you more feeling of surprise.


    Total Registry Revitalizer & CRUDD Remover

    Registry Revitalizer is the key component of this all-in-one suite, because, you know, registry is the key of your os. With Registry Revitalizer, you registry can be fixed ,repaired and compacted with a more sophisticated way since this company are dedicated to developing new technology to this issues from time to time. The CRUDD Remover is also a high-tech component. You will learn more of it here.


    Memory Mechanic & NetBooster

    Sometimes, after you shutdown all your run-on programs , your computer is still slow. This situation means there is something wrong with your computer memory. With the memory mechanic, you can fix it easily and conveniently without rebooting your system. You web browser also may come across being slow, and you can fix this issue  by NetBooster inside iolo System Mechanic.


    Streamline PC processing & Defragment Hard Drive

    Streamline PC processing turn off unnecessary background services and applications in a professional and safe way. With  Defragment Hard Drive, you can defrag your space in a more fast way.


    System Mechanic vs System Mechanic Professional

    System Mechanic Professional is a package of iolo series products. In addition to System Mechanic, it also includes Search and Recover, DriveScrubber, antivirus and internet firewall software. And the pricing is a little high, – $49.95 for discount price now. If you need other tools, it’s worthwhile to buy.

    image Get the new System Mechanic Pro for only $49.95 [normally $69.95]. Coupon code: SM95

    System Mechanic Screenshot




    iolo System Mechanic is highly recommended for you who are seeking for high-tech product and who are fastidious person. Here is a coupon for you, “SM95”, Click the link below and don’t forget use it when you purchase it.


     Get the new System Mechanic 10 for only $39.95 [normally $49.95]. Coupon code: SM95.

    Is There A Good Alternative to iolo System Mechanic?

    Advanced System Optimizer is best alternative which is much cheaper, since it’s discount now. So, if you are looking for a cheaper, I highly recommend you try Advanced System Optimizer.


    Click Here to Try Advanced System Optimizer Immediately!


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    Tags: spotmau powersuite review   

    Spotmau PowerSuite 2010 Review : Scam or Real? 

    Updated:  I got an exclusive discount link for SpotMau PowerSuite 2011

    >>> Click Here to Get Discount of Spotmau Powersuite 2011

    IF you are ready to buy it, I got an exclusive Pricing of Spotmau PowerSuite 2010  only$29.95 now which is normally $49.95.

    The Pricing $29.95 Exclusive Link Here: Click Here to Get Spotmau Powersuite 2010 with $29.95 Immediately

    Like Below, Note: The Link is Exclusive.

    Spotmau PowerSuite Review Here: this Spotmau review talks the safety, realty and features of PowerSuite 2010; And talks about whether we need to use this product or not. Anyway, you can download it for a free trial now.


    Overview of Spotmau PowerSuite

    Spotmau PowerSuite 2010 covers comprehensive functions with all-in-one solution which can solve all your pc issues, understatedly, including cleaning your Windows Registry, speeding up your computer, maximizing your pc potentials, optimizing your pc, protecting your privacy and data, erasing your IE history and private files, managing your passwords, managing your Partition and more .  Actually, all you needs for your PC daily life are handy with Spotmau PowerSuite, including registry cleaner, tune-up kit, password kit, emergency kit, data recovery kit , data backup kit, partition genius, privacy kit which individually sells at price of $20-$30 . But does we really need to use this comprehensive PowerSuite?  Continue to read and I will give you best answer and my personal suggestions.

    Does we need to use Spotmau PowerSuite?

    Well, it depends. Although this product offers so many utilities with all-in-one suite, one of those  utilities, such as password kit is useless for many people , simply for one keep our passwords oneself. Another reason is that many of us only need one of utilities Spotmau PowerSuite offers. And for this case, you can choose the individual tool you like at price of $20-$30, such as Spotmau Registry Cleaner, which is an excellent cleaner and don’t wasting more $20 price on the other utilities which you never use .

    If you are a PC newbie, or you really confirm that you need two or more utilities of  Spotmau PowerSuite, it’s highly recommended to choose Spotmau PowerSuite , because it a huge worth or money. The price of Spotmau PowerSuite is only $49.5, as I known.

    Click here to Find more reasons to determine weather you need it or not

    Main Features of Spotmau PowerSuite

    Since the content of Spotmau PowerSuite is so comprehensive, I only can give a brief introduction of each utilities, mainly focusing on its main features.

    • Checker Your PC 360°

    • Clean Your Registry thoroughly

    • Boot any Windows System Automatically

    • Manage All Your Passwords

    • Backup & Recover data and passwords

    • Clean Up History and Protect Your privacy

    • Repair ,Speed up and Optimizer Your System

    • Partition, Format and Clean up Your Hard Drive

    • PC Monitor for CPU Temperature

    And More More

    Pricing & Upgrade

    This all-in-one PowerSuite is only $49.95, which is only higher than a individual toolkit. So it’s is worth of money to buy it. If you are a user of Spotmau, you can upgrade to Spotmau PowerSuite at price of about $20.

    Click here To get the lowest price of Spotmau PowerSuite 2010


    In a nutshell, Spotmau PowerSuite is cool, is safe, is worth-of-money. And it’s highly recommend to try it now.


    Spotmau PowerSuite turns father to be Tech Super Man. PC need lots of tender love. With Spotmau, dad can fix PC problems easily.

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