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    Sammsoft Advanced Registry Optimizer 2011 – Optimize your computer to the next best level 

    In case your computer experiences problems such as slow loading websites, slow-loading applications, error messages or continuous crashes, then there might be various troubles with your computer’s registry which is an enormously significant system folder containing mini commands that explain the way of interaction of certain programs with your windows or Linux system, as well as the functioning of the operating system itself. A minute error in the computer’s registry can bring about tremendous problems. By employing a registry fixing feature like this particular optimizer, optimizer registry errors may be found and rectified.

    The cleaning of repairing of the system registry can prove to be extremely useful in solving a lot of problems. Whenever your system or the hardware components fail to perform optimally it is vital to get rid of registry troubles before going for various other costly options of repairing.

    The 2011 version of Sammsoft Advanced Registry Optimizer is a potent, strong, and easily usable registry optimization feature that can considerably improve system functioning by scanning as well as removing registry worries. Apart from ensuring the reliability and purity of the operating system registry, this particular registry optimizer also persistently gets rid of system “junk”, such as unwanted files for recently installed/uninstalled or troublesome as well as temporary Internet files. In addition to this it also gets rid of files which are simply eating up the vital resources of the system.

    The optimizer is easy to understand for beginners and also allows intermediate to professional users to gain absolute possession over the registry scanner engine as well as the system registry cleaner. As soon as the scanning and cleaning is done for the operating system registry, the particular user may boost performance even more by completely optimizing system registry values and improving the scanning and searching criteria in order to search from amongst exact file categories. Therefore, the normal user must simply know the way to execute the scanning process and fully repair the affected registry on just a click of the mouse.

    Considering the fact that it is the 7th version of the Sammsoft Advanced Registry Optimizer, it contains a heap of new and stunning features such as add-ons to the junk cleaning unit. The latest version offers a quick and efficient removal of unimportant memory dumps, temporary files, outdated or unnecessary temporary web files, shortcuts and cookies that contribute to vital fragmentation of the hard drive and performance decline.

    The latest version of the Registry Optimizer (2011) also boasts of added security features. The software possesses an automated scan to help detect if an anti-spyware, an antivirus, or a firewall is in continuous use on your windows or linux systems. This eases the procedure of monitoring closely, the power of your computer’s security level, because ARO 2011 shall automatically inform you in case your preferences or settings may expose the system registry to danger.

    By extensively increasing trash data removal capabilities, and bringing about several safety monitoring features on a consistent basis, the makers of the SammSoft system Registry Optimizer have certainly enhanced their product to the next level so as to help it meet the demands of the modern user.

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    Winferno Registry Power Cleaner is the ultimate solution to your PC errors. It fixes the errors after deep scanning your computer. It detects the problems and provides you a report based on the issues you have in your computer. It removes the junk files and the temporary files. The flash cookies saved also slow down your computer. Winferno Registry Power Cleaner removes them all for you. It optimizes your computer completely. It prevents your system from crashing down and destabilizing. In just one package you have complete system solution. Winferno Registry Power Cleaner makes it possible to make your PC work as new. Winferno Registry Power Cleaner costs you $39.90 with a money back guarantee. It’s highly recommended to try Advanced System Optimizer the most powerful and cost-effective system optimizer.

    It's Recommended to Try the best System Optimizer!


    • It removes all the junk files and temporary files from your computer
    • It scans your PC completely and provides you detailed information
    • It prevents your PC form stabilizing and crashing
    • You can set some files to ignored if you don’t want PC Registry Cleaner to check them
    • The scan is deep but quick and efficient
    • It not only increases the speed but also maintains it
    • Information about the usage is also available
    • The files of same folders saved in different places also take a lot of space of your computer. Winferno Registry Power Cleaner organize them and place them in correct places
    • Winferno Registry Power Cleaner is tested for viruses and spywares
    • It has a friendly interface.
    • Winferno Registry Power Cleaner is easy to use and manage
    • Gives information to the user about chipset, ports, sound cards, printers, windows internal, memory, CPUs, etc
    • You can easily download and install it. very simple and understandable software
    • It is used by thousands of customers worldwide…


    • Creates a complete backup for the changes
    • Efficiently locates the harmful errors in PC
    • Friendly interface
    • No viruses
    • Fix maximum of the PC problems in just minutes
    • There is guide to help the users
    • Prevents your PC from further errors and ensures the maintenance.


    • No warning before deleting files
    • The scan is slower than others and it can miss errors
    • Some of the features are exaggerated but they don’t work accordingly at times
    • No automatic updates about the latest version
    • Price is high

    The verdict:

    Winferno Registry Power Cleaner has some advanced features. It does scan your computer, be it slow or fast and finds out major problems of your computer. The report provided is always correct. Backup system works and you can restore the files you want to. Overall easy to use and manage. It removes the junk and unwanted files from your PC. However, some people do find it expensive and less worth it. But still, I would say that when maximum of the problems are solved, you can surely sacrifice on some parts. I would recommend a try to anyone.However, Advanced System Optimizer of Systweak is highly recommended ultimately  .

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    DT Utilities Registry Repair Review – Scam? 

    DT Utilities Registry Repair Overview

    When we are talking about speeding our computer performance, we will always remember the significant function of software such as Registry Repair. Our computer has the limit in storing and managing any histories and registry files while operating. By the time goes by, those files can really become the problem to our computer that can cause it to slow down in performance even in the worst case is the freezing and crashing. As a good computer owner, we require to regularly and manually those unimportant registries on our computer in order to maintain its speed and performance. Yet, now we can simply use Registry Repair software to conduct such task in easy and fast way.


    In understanding the function of such Registry Repair software, we need to know the features owned by it. Like the name cited, the software has the main function to scan any registries and fix the errors that have found on your computer to speed up the performance. It will clean, repair and optimize any problems occurred on the Windows registry easier than we manually conduct the similar effort. Sometimes there are many leftovers of failed and undone installation or any missing files that can become the wasteful load that can reduce our PC performance. Registry Repair Software will clean up those remnants.

    The Good

    If we are talking about the benefits that we can get from this Utilities Registry Repair, there are actually many of them. First, let’s discuss about its interface and display. We now can enjoy the advanced and enhanced design and workflow of the application so that people can easily use the software in fun. It also offers the automatic cleaning system for any temporary files, cookies and histories so that we can get the best performance of our computer even if we forget to clean those files manually. The startup optimizer feature now has been improved in this Utilities Registry Repair in order to make us get the better result in boosting our computer performance. Moreover, we can get the software in cheap price of $19.99.

    The Bad

    The only disadvantage of using this Utilities Registry Repair as our computer maintenance software is that it only provides the function that is focused on the cleaning instead of total protection to our computer. Common people actually will say that they always prefer to buy software that gives whole package of maintenance instead of buying this software that only has one function in cleaning registries and unused files. It is true that it has cheap price so that people can purchase without difficulty. Yet, it will be too much if people have much software in their computer to give maintenance and protection. People will always choose the software that has many functions speeding up the performance of their computer.

    DT Utilities Registry Repair

    DT Utilities Registry Repair

    The Verdict

    There is a clear reason why people use DT Utilities Registry Repair as their supportive software for their PC. It is for the maintenance to make sure our computer has its best condition while operating. It is because people sometimes forget to clean up their registries that can lead to problems such as random restart and any others. Installing this software is the basic protection and maintenance to make sure you can work and get entertainment from your computer without any disturbances of problems that can occur because of such unused files or registries in your computer. Cleaning registries now becomes easier by using Registry Repair software.

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    ErrorWiz Review : Errorwiz Works, Scam? 

    Warning: it’s importing to read this ErrorWiz Review Before you buy it.


    Click here to visit ErrorWiz Website


    An Introduction of ErrorWiz

    ErrorWiz is a brand-new registry cleaner and the current version  is 1.4. What make this product unique? I believe it’s the perfect scanner of ErrorWiz which scans your pc thoroughly. So it can prevent computer slow downs, crashes and error messages efficiently.


    Features of ErrorWiz

    Deep Scanning

    I just tested ErrorWiz, it took me 3 minutes to finish the scanning process which is may be long, but thoroughly and cleanly. Why I said that? After the scanning, 683 errors were found in my notebook which is more than the result of other tools evidently. So I trust ErrorWiz can found almost 100% errors in my notebook including application path, shared program file, program ids, custom control, file associations and empty registry keys.

    Genuine Free Trial

    I think we all have same experience: a product especially software which claimed ”free trail” is actually part of free trial and you should purchase it before you try the core functions. Unlike those products, ErrorWiz supplies full free trial for you. You can try it to fix your computer.

    Uninstall Manager

    This feature is an improvement for Windows Default Uninstall Manager, which can uninstall some stubborn programs.

    Browser Helper Object Manager

    Every time you open Internet Explorer all BHOs installed on your PC will be loaded and run along with the browser. This tool helps you safely remove unnecessary BHOs

    Error Fix Tool

    The “error fix tool” gives you quick and effective solutions to specific windows errors. click on “error fix tool” Icon to check out our database for common PC errors .

    Backup Mechanism

    Besides the normal data backup, restore point will be created when you cleaning errors with this product which guarantee your pc safe.

    Multi Settings

    You can find the settings in the screenshot below.

    Customer Service

    The best way to get customer supporting is online ticket. Once you submit a ticket, you will get a response quickly.

    Click here to see more Features of ErrorWiz

    What makes ErrorWiz Unique?

    Evidently, the perfect scanner makes ErrorWiz Unique.

    Price & Refund Policy


    Now ErrorWiz is on sale, and the price is $29.95 for one year, one pc. If you have friends to share this products, you can add $9.95 to buy 3 pc licenses or 3-year license for one pc. If you don’t take more money on it , you can uncheck the box like the screen below and choose 1 Computer License. But I highly suggest you check it and buy this inexpensive tool for 3 years.

    Click here to see more discount


    Screenshots of ErrorWiz

    #1 ErrorWiz main interface


    #2 ErrorWiz Scanning Result Interface


    #3 ErrorWiz Advanced Tools Interface


    #4 ErrorWiz Settings Interface



    It’s highly recommended to click the button below to download and try ErrorWiz immediately.


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    Tags: is registry easy safe   

    Is Registry Easy Safe ? Professional Test 

    Hey there, as we know, Registry Easy is famous and successful registry cleaner among so many competitive products.That is Registry Easy safe is a big concern when we are hesitate to purchase it. I am IT engineer and major in Computer Science and Technology, Below I will give you professional test to determine whether Registry Easy is safe of not.

    Safety in Details 

    Scan & Clean Safely

    First thing to do is scan your system. As a a scanner, that of Registry Easy with high and safe accuracy is what we need. What’s a safe scanner? Generally speaking, one that can’t misidentify a correct registry entity  as a corrupt entity is a safe scanner. According to my tests, Registry Easy is with a safe scanner. After  finding all the error or corrupt registry entities correctly, the cleaning task is easy and safe.

    Optimize System Safely

    We know how to optimize system with a tool like Registry Easy and how the process works. This kind of tool scans all the temp and system reserved fold and then deletes all the unnecessary file in order to keep PC fast. Also other tasks are necessary. According to my tests, the default settings and fold paths inside Registry Easy are safe ones. So It is safe to optimize system with Registry Easy.

    Safely System fix

    Together with the Easy Repair Wizard,  Error Utilities,  File Association, Register ActiveX, Shortcuts Fixer,  Winsock2 Repair toolkits, Registry Easy helps you fix you system safely.

    Safe System Tools  &  IE Tools

    Yes, totally, the mechanism of those comprehensive tools like system tools and IE tools is safe,so you can use system tools and IE tools Registry Easy provides safely.

    Safe Backups

    This is very important for the safety of your Registry Easy , because every tool can’t guarantee your 100% safe after fixing or repairing. If you have any problem, you can use the backup to restore your system.


    I have discuss the safety of Registry Easy in my angles, the tests shows that Registry Easy with high safe responsibility is a qualified registry cleaner product.

    So you can download it and try it safely here.


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    10 Top Registry Cleaner Reviews 

    Below I recommend 10 top registry cleaners. 

    #1 Registry Easy -  US $34.95(regular $69.95)

    Registry Easy™ is an excellent Windows Registry Cleaner that scans your PC and safely cleans errors & invalid entries that cause system slowdowns, freezing and crashing. Registry Easy™ repairs registry problems to make your computer run like new again!

    #2 Error Fix –  US $24.95

    Error Fix offers users a chance to restore to their PCs to optimal performance. The software constitutes the industry’s leading error scanning and repair technology blended with an easy-to-use interface that makes the process of cleaning your Registry both elegant and efficient. Certified to run on every Windows Platform, Error Fix can detect the corrupt paths, redundant entries, and outdated file shortcuts that make a computer run slowly or display error messages.

    #3 RegTool – US $34.95

    RegTool is the only choice for those who need to clean a corrupted Registry safely and efficiently. It affords users the chance to restore their computer to like-new condition, all with a simple click of the mouse. No other program blends such proficiency with such ease-of-use.

    Using RegTool is fast and easy. In under two minutes it can detect and repair corrupt paths, outdated shortcuts and duplicate entries, sweeping away the hurtles to optimal PC performance.

    #4 RegDefense – US $29.95 – Was $44.95

    RegDefense 2009 is the Top Registry Cleaner used amongst experts and computer professionals. RegDefense’s Patented Technology combines a powerful deep registry scan with an Easy-To-Use interface. RegDefense 2009 does not require any technical knowledge making it the right choice for every PC user.

    #5 Registry Winner – US $34.95

    Registry Winner™ is an advanced multi-language registry cleaner in pc diagnosis and repair. As an excellent registry cleaner, it can do a complete scan of the pc errors such as system slowdown, freezing, crashing and deadlock. Safely optimize the speed of the system and set your PC in a fantastic performance!

    #6 Registry Fix – US $27.00

    The most common PC troubles are found at locations spread throughout your PC. We have pinpointed these locations, and our free scanner allows you to scan for invalid registry entries that might be causing your PC issues. The software will inform you of where the errors exist, and what potential errors they might cause. Registry Fix will scan for errors related to ActiveX controls, DLL issues, Windows explorer errors, Windows installer issues, Internet Explorer errors, Iexpore and System32 errors, Runtime errors, Outlook and Outlook Express Errors, EXE errors, Svchost errors and a wide variety of other system issues.

    #7 RegClean 

    #8 Error Nuker – US $

    Let Error Nuker, your amazing FREE PC Diagnostics tool, identify the precise problems in your Windows registry so you can determine exactly what your PC is suffering from.
    Even if your PC is perfectly fine, you should try the diagnostics tool if you want to avoid serious problems before they happen.Best of all you can keep the tool and find out if your PC has problems for FREE as often as you like.

    #9 Registry Genius 

    #10 RegAce Registry Cleaner – US $49.97 two licenses, Guaranteed for 60 Days!

    RegAce can easily speed up your PC and stop most errors. At the cutting edge of registry cleaning technology, RegAce combines ultimate power with user-friendly design to make one of the easiest and most effective registry cleaners available.

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    Tags: , , Wise Registry Cleaner   

    how clean registry – a wise registry cleaner review 

    How Clean registry

    Got a boring problem

    Recently, I found my PC run more and more slowly and sometimes pop up mysterious error messages. Because my bachelor major is Computer Science and technology, I know something wrong with Windows Registry of my computer. I also know how to fix it manually. But After I fixed an error. I got stop. It was so boring and time-consuming.

    A Wise Registry Cleaner

    Fortunately, I found a mysterious product that can fix those registry errors automatic and quickly. That is Registry Easy. It is so cute and clever that I can’t abandon it. Everyday, My first thing is run the appliance, and clean my computer. My mood is happy with the registry rubbish cleared.

    My Experience

    Below is a screenshot of Registry Easy. It can scan and fix ActiveX OLE, Application Paths, Empty Registry Keys, File Extensions, Font Entities, Help Section, Invalid File Associations, Invalid Shortcuts, Most Recent Used Files, Shared DLL’s Sections, Sounds Section, Start Menu Items, Startup Programs, System Software Settings, Uninstall Entries and User Software Settings.

    About the Manufacturer

    The Manufacturer of Registry Easy has conducted the business since 2006. Its professional and hard-working made the product one of the best Registry fixed software in the world. Here is a testimony recite form the official site “MAN! this program is so fast and so easy to use, i just had to leave a comment”

    Registry Easy Features

    What makes Registry Easy unique? A high-performance detection algorithm inside is the key. The algorithm makes the repairing work automatic and quick. For my experience, I just took me 30 seconds to fix all the registry errors, although it depended on the system you use. Beside the Registry fixed function. It bring you awesome and mysterious features. For backup as an example, you can easily recover any changes if required. Additional, Optimize System, System Fix, IE Tools are also useful tools.

    Below is the info of current version of Registry Easy:

    Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win 7

    Protection Against: Cleans registry and optimizes PC for better performance.

    How to Buy It

    It is Total free to scan your registry errors. If you also want to fixed them, you can buy it for economic price.

    Buy or Download here.

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