Drive Scrubber Review

Drive Scrubber in a Glimpse

Drive Scrubber works best for you who are looking for Drive utility software with higher sense of data security. Somehow, there are private files that you want to remove it once and for all from your computer. You just click the delete button, and then empty the Recycle Bin. However, one big secret that you don’t know, such deleting conduct doesn’t necessarily mean that your deleted files cannot be called back. Here is where Drive Scrubber comes to ensure that your data is permanently deleted as well as performing its function as Drive utility software. The Drive Scrubber Review will outline more on its enhanced security feature.



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The Features

Drive Scrubber consists of six major features that make sit reliable to enhance the data security in your computer. The software is designed to perform different range of security level that is able to be customized to suit your needs of security in your PC When you want to, for example reselling your PC, of course you need to clean the Drive and remove the entire data stored within. Deleting it one by one is definitely time consuming, especially when you have Giga or even Terabytes disk space. The software helps you to delete the data once in for all faster with different security levels to ensure your deleted data can’t be traced back in your PC. The software also helps you maintain the ongoing protection so that it only wipes out the deleted data, and at the same time keeping the system and existing files secured. You can count on the speed feature of Drive Scrubber to clean the entire data in your system that won’t take hours or even days to complete. It has breakthrough that helps you finish the data removing process as soon as possible. The software is designed to meet the government and military compliant toward the requirement of disk cleaning standard.

The Security Benefit

The benefit to use Drive Scrubber is you can count on it to erase permanently with very minimum possibility of tracking back your data for hardware or drives on PC, cameras, flash, and many more. The software protects your data security thoroughly as well as restoring the system in your computer after a virus attack.

The Needs for Improvement

However, to keep the Drive Scrubber stays in your PC, you should renew it every year along with its fees around $19.95. We are still waiting whether there will be a new way so that we can get the license and service of the software permanently on our first time buying instead of renewing it annually.

The Verdict

If you are really looking for Drive utility software to securely wipe out your data, Drive Scrubber is your true choice. The software is now able to clean the entire Drives in your Windows system without the necessity of having boot disk after a cleaning is completed. Hence, you should work carefully with the software since it brings the optimum security to secure the deleted data. It means that if you get accidentally deleted important files, it cannot be traced back. Therefore, list your Drives and files carefully to be able to get the optimum benefit of this software, because it is worth to have to get your Drives cleaned in just a couple of hours.


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