Driver Mender Review – 2nd Version 2010

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Overview of Driver Mender, Strong and Automatic Tool for Fix Your Drivers’ Problems

Thank to you to read Driver Mender’s review. Driver Mender is actually software that designed and developed purposely in order to help people get easier way to find and download any driver on their computer to make the performance and stability on their computer system works better. As you know, it has been really pain in the ass for every computer user to find and update their computer drivers in every time. Since not many of us who are able to know about when exactly the newest update files for our driver will be released, it has been common case that most computer users are ignoring about this matter and it will be not surprising for us if we get our computer works under the maximum performance today. Luckily, there is Driver Mender software for us today. With this software, the problems about scan for out of date drivers and download them all in order to improve our computer performance will be only a piece of cake for us today.Try Best Driver Updater Immediately!

Driver Mender’s Features

Driver Mender supports for most Windows versions. You will be glad to know that this software is good to work under Windows 7, Vista, NT, Server Edition, 2008, and 2000. It works perfectly to find some problems with our drivers’ files. You know, sometimes the numerous driver files at our computer cause fault or deflect which may be able to slowdown our computer’s performance. On this case, not only does this software fix them all, but it also downloads fresh driver files into our computer if our driver’s condition actually needs to be upgraded. You should no worry with computer crash because you change the driver’s files because you can backup your old driver configurations before you decide to update and fix your drivers’ problems with Driver Mender software. You can also perform automatically downloading updated files for your drivers on this software so you can do any other things and let this software works automatically to scan and find if there is one or more of your driver files that are needed to be updated. You should also no worry just because your hardware is old one because the database of Driver Mender is massive and it saves more than million drivers for computer users’ convenient.

Driver Mender’s Advantages

Driver Mender offers us with simplicity and easiness in scanning and upgrading our driver files which can be performed automatically during we do any other things to finish our jobs in every day.  The menu is displayed clearly and easy to understand so everybody will be able to performing all features at this software in the first time she or he utilizes it. The installer file itself is small so we will just need seconds to download and install this program into our computer.

Driver Mender’s Disadvantages

Unfortunately, there are some weak points that I got with Driver Mender once I have installed this program into my computer. Indeed, I agree that the download process self was fast because I only needed to download 1Mb for the installer. However, the trouble was coming when I had been trying to scan my computer. It was more than five minutes for me to wait for the scan process to be done, and at the final I got “A communication error occurred during the last request” for the communication error report. This really was bothered me, I have already sent the manufacturer of this software mail about my complaint but until now they still not answer yet about it.


Driver Mender is a promising tool that will be able to solve all our PC problems by fix and update newest driver files for our hardware. It is simple and easy to learn. However, it is highly recommended for you to not make a decision yet to use this software until they fix some bugs at their program like I have experienced before. This software obviously will be the great one if there none errors come along with the scanning process.

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