ESET Smart Security

Overview of ESET Smart Security

ESET Smart Security is one product from ESET, because as we know that ESET is the Big IT Security Company that is proved by there are so many people about the accurate of detect any viruses inside our computer, well just realize this one created since 1992, that is so long and proved about the quality, that’s why people choose it. It’s found by 2 programmers that find the first viruses and they named is as wina, since that slowly but sure they find another viruses, and they two both think about the program detector that can protect any computer from some viruses.

ESET Smart Security


Actually this passage is focus on the smart security, that is so flexible, easily managed and affordable, and something that is so popular about ESET is about the breakthrough proactive anti-malware solutions, actually the antivirus software that has some concentration about this one is nope. That’s all about the mainstay, in addition people should know about the kind of ESET start from ESET smart Security business edition, NOD32 antivirus business edition, special for Linux, for Mac, mobile security business edition, and also any kind that have some guarantee to protect your computer from any virus. Actually ESET from Slovakia, but nowadays ESET have so many companies that is in London, United kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Argentina and also there are many country that open ESER center. The progress looks describe the trust by the consumer, so when you want to the specific features you should looking for the official website to know further about this ESET features, because the specific features is depend on the type that is not little, so we cannot tell one by one. How about tell the excess and lack about to have this antivirus software, because it was being important before you choose one.

The Good

The excess if you choose one from any kind, no matter about the type is this security can be survive for a long time, in other words you can say it is long lasting smart security that will never make you feel bad about the process, besides it is easy to install and update it in several week.

The Bad

When you fell lazy or do not have an enough time to update this security in several week, even you cannot remember the password that you decided that is worse because that is worse and just make your computer lose some opportunity to keep the security works.

The Verdict

Good or nor this is actually depend on your desire to keep it works for a long time or not, and the most important thing when there is some viruses detected inside your computer you can calmer just because you’ve protect the system with the right security like ESET Smart Security. But remember that you need to keep the security well with replace the password in several weeks; this is just to avoid some hackers and just replace your password sooner.

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