How Fast My Computer Is?

The performance of a computer is normally getting slow down year by year even though the slowdown is also closely related to the use of computer. If you run How to Test computer speed and get the result, it’s obvious that your computer is getting slower from time to time. That is why the performance of a new computer shows great difference from the performance of three or more years old computer. However it is also possible that a three-year-old computer perform well than a one and a half-year-old computer since the way of the user in operating the computer also influences the performance of a computer. Since computer is not a cheap gadget, we expect that we can use the computer for about at least four years in a good performance if we cannot expect in its best performance once we plan to buy one. The quality of performance of a computer can be seen from the speed of the computer. Surely, every user wants that their computers run well in operating the programs. In order to maintain the performance of the computer, we need to regularly monitor the speed of our computers. Then, How to Test computer speed?

Usually, each manufacturer has determined the maximum speed of their products in order to enable the computers perform their best. They inform the users about the limit to make them know when their computers perform their best. The manufacturer suggests that users run programs that won’t excess the limit speed determined by the manufacturer. It is recommended that the speed of computer is bellow or maximum at the limit speed. To monitor the computer speed, surely we need a tool to test the speed of the computers. So far there are two common ways on this issue. The first one by download and install a program to measure the speed of computer and the second one is using an online-based computer speed test service. We don’t need to worry that to test the speed of our computer we have to spend much cash. We are able to test the whole computer speed for free without spending money even a penny even though there are also profit computer speed test services. When we are testing the computer speed, it is highly recommended to close all open programs. If we close currently open programs, the result is able to measure the speed of the computer more accurately. Therefore, the result of the test is more reliable. The result of the test is shown after the test is finished.

Windows Task Manager

Once we get the result, how do we make conclusion of the result Once the result of your measured CPU speed is red or yellow it means that your CPU speed is faster than the rated CPU speed. Therefore, you need to find way to slow the CPU speed otherwise your computer will be broken. The good result of the computer speed test is green because it means that the speed meets the manufacturer’s rate. However, if you want to add the speed of memory transfer, you need to add the speed of your computer. Both results of CPU speed, caches and memory from the computer speed test give you good consideration in case you want to upgrade the performance of your computer.

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