MacKeeper Review – Scam or Safe to Use?

MacKeeper is perhaps one of the best antivirus protections that can be provided to one’s Mac operating system. Being completely different from the other operating software, Mac is one of the best OS software that are available for the apple products. As a result none of the drivers used for windows and other OS perform in case of the Mac. Therefore users of Mac must be well aware of the basics of keeping their machine free from problems. A MacKeeper review can help one out to a great extent in this matter.


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Features of MacKeeper

  • The first and foremost functional feature of MacKeeper is the provision of a 2 way firewall.
  • Secondly it can safeguard one from the scrap web pages, intrusions and attacks. Alongside the same there are several other features provided too in order to help one against threats from internets.
  • The very new dynamic code monitoring technique of the product helps to detect any malicious action that might be carried out by any application as well as detects malwares by their codes.
  • The best feature is that users can choose the amount of time necessary for them to carry out a background scan.



  • Other than being protected from the malicious activities of various applications, MacKeeper also provides a strong protection against the phishing websites which are often found tricking people to enter their personal data.
  • Another very important benefit of these products is that they are much more selective in their work than their other competitors in the market. As a result they can safeguard one in a better way from threats than other products.
  • Performance control is another added advantage of the product


  • MacKeeper is available in the market at a very much reasonable price that can fit any one’s pockets.
  • It improves the working speed of one’s machine to a huge extent.
  • They come with a 15 day money back guarantee in some special cases that can be very much helpful for a person.
  • They may sometimes be found in the market as a combo pack. In such offer packs the deal is such that 3 people can use the same pack at a time which can save one’s budget to a great extent.


  • They are not available as a free product in the market. These items are not like those easy found easy downloaded software that can be very easily downloaded and installed. One has to pay for having one such software.
  • They are not very much user friendly as a result of which beginners might find it difficult to use at certain times.


In all a MacKeeper is such a product that can be designated as the 911 for one’s Mac. It can help one to a great extent in order to keep one’s system up to date and advanced to the best extent possible the main functional feature of the product being scanning and keeping the system free from dangers.

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