PC Matic Review

“PC Matic Review”

Make your PC Faster with PC Matic

PC Matic Overview

PC Matic , from PC Pitstop ,is an all-in-one suite for you to optimize your system, speed up your PC, protect your PC ,Keep your PC driver updated and many more amazing features. With fair low pricing and so many feature inside it, PC Matic is highly worthwhile to give it a kick. The relationship amongst PC Matic , Optimize, Disk MD, Driver Alert, Exteminate and OverDrive is demonstrated by picture below.

PC  Matic


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Why PC Matic?

Reason #0:Unified Architecture

Unlike other products, PC Matic employs new technologies to add new features or update this software without reinstalling it. The unparalleled functionality gives your network management of your computer which means your can manage your computer via Internet. In addition, the functions of PC Matic are integrated to the core service of Windows – which get better performance than others.

Reason #1:Free Scan

With paying any coin, you can enjoy the top notch  scanner of PC Matic.

Reason #2: High Performance

With Pitstop Optimize of PC Matic, junk file can be removed thoroughly, internet speed can be optimized eventually ,  registry entries can be cleaned clearly, and unwanted programs can be removed at your will.

Reason #3: All-in-One Package & Low Pricing

As you know, PC Matic combines the top products of PC PitStop – Optimize, Disk MD, Driver Alert, Exteminate and OverDrive. These tools covers almost all the usage of your daily computer maintenance which means that you almost don’t need to buy other pc tools once got it. It saves you a lot of time and effort to seek and purchase other products.

Reason #4: Risk Free – 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

With 30 day full money back guarantee, you try PC Matic risk-free.

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Key Tools of PC Matic


PC Pitstop Optimize

Get Larger Screenshot PC Pitstop’s Optimize  is  designed to optimize your system and speed up your computer of boot-up and run-time. With scanning of million entries and files, PC Pitstop’s Optimize  detects and confirms which entries to be removed or repaired to maximize your PC’s potentials.

Driver Alert

Get Larger Screenshot You know that if your computer’s device drivers can’t get updated in time, you can’t maximize your PC’s potentials, even you get lots of errors like blue screen or out of stack errors in using it. With Driver Alert inside Driver Matic, you enjoy the full automatic and safe driver updates with one click. It saves you lot of time and efforts to seeking updated drivers manually.

PC Pitstop Exterminate – Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus

Get Larger Screenshot Even if you have installed an antivirus, you can’t prevent all the malware, spyware or adware effectively. With PC Pitstop Exterminate – a professional anti-malware and anti-spyware, your computer get full protected working with your antivirus. But you can’t use it alone , to instead of an antivirus.

Disk MD

Get Larger Screenshot The Disk MD optimize your Disk fragment and speed up the speed of copying and moving and running programs. Disk MD is one of the best disk optimizer for  your computers with great reports, fast defragmentation, and unparalleled background scheduling function.

Screenshots of PC Matic

Main Interface of PC Matic…


You need to Login in before using PC Matic …


This is Scanning Screenshot…


Get More PC Matic Screenshot Here.


image The all-in-one tool – PC Matic  is highly recommended for you to optimize your pc, to keep your pc driver updated automatically, to clean your registry, to keep your pc safe and to speed up your disk. With 30 Day full money back guarantee and $6 off coupon code here: pitstop2010, I highly recommend you try PC Matic Immediately.


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