PC Optimizer Pro Review : Scam?

A Concise Introduction

What is “PC Optimizer Pro”?  In short, PC Optimizer Pro is  a tool package that integrated with  comprehensive tools that can optimize your Windows system efficiency and save your time. With those optimizers inside it, PC Optimizer Pro can make your PC startup and shutdown in less than 2 Seconds.

Why PC Optimizer Pro?

This is a good question. Among many excellent computer optimizers, why we choose PC Optimizer Pro ? Personally, I think firstly, this product is professional one which dedicated to optimizer your pc and not like other “Product Package” actually being garbage piles; Secondly, PC Optimizer Pro offers concise and beautiful interface and the price is very worthwhile to spend.  Last but not last, you know in today’s market, so many pc optimizers are screwing your picking up a good one. And this tool is mature in the Market and gains lots of appreciations. Judging those factors, I personally choose this tool for my exclusive pc optimizer.



Core Registry Eraser

Personally, I believe Registry Optimizer is the core section of PC Optimizer Pro . It finds and fix incorrect or obsolete registry entities,  so your operation system runs fast and trash free. This function works like other so-called professional registry cleaner, and comparing the price of  PC Optimizer Pro to that of single-function registry cleaner, PC Optimizer Pro is worthwhile to give a try.

Fastidious File Shredder

If you have something classified and need to erase it permanently, this function gives your the chance to do that thing easily and safely.

Perfect Uninstaller

Perfect Uninstaller is a product name,but I also called this function inside PC Optimizer Pro as perfect uninstaller, it can help you remove some stubborn programs.

Safe Tracks Eraser

Your surfing tracks are your privacy. Most of those agencies who claimed “respect your privacy” are cheaters, who sell your personal information, so erasing your tracks in time and on time is necessary and important. This function will have you easily to do that.

Startup Management

PC Optimizer Pro provides a suite of startup booster utilities that allow you to select and control what applications run at startup. This function let you uncheck the stubborn programs  that always runs at startup, whether you like this situation or not.

55 Days Full Money Back Guarantee

55 days are enough for you to consider whether it was worthwhile or not, so you can buy this product without being worried about wasting money, and the third-part “clickbank.com” guarantee your refund request.


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One Computer License for $29.95

Two Computer Licenses for  $44.95

I highly recommend buying two license to you, and you can share the other license and the price  with your friend.


Registry Optimizer Interface


Tracks Eraser Interface:


File Shredder Interface:


Uninstaller Interface:


Settings Interface:


System Info Interface:



“My spending of PC Optimizer Pro was  one of my best purchase I have made for my pc speed. While skeptical at first, PC Optimizer Pro has proven to be definitely what was said…..”

– Pat Massi

It is the best product I ever used . I bought it two years ago and been using it , and after I reinstalled my second computer last week I ordered PC Optimizer Pro because my pc speed up and efficient free of troubles…… “


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If you are looking for a tool that can boost your pc and optimizer your pc thoroughly, I highly recommend this product to you.  PC Optimizer Pro is worthwhile to try.  Click the button below to try it.


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