PC Speed Maximizer Review – Scam?

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Pc speed Maximizer is the solution to the slow speed of your computer. It deep scans your computer and detects the errors in your computer and removes them. With the deep scan PC Speed Maximizer provides you detailed information about the problems you have in your computer that is slowing down the performance of your PC. It very safely and efficiently removes all the registry errors from your computer but just in case you find the removal wrong, you always have the backup and restore system. Get rid of junk and errors; work on a PC with the finest speed and performance. It costs you $29.99

Features of PC Speed Maximizer:

  • It deep scans your PC and finds out the PC/ registry errors
  • Provides you the complete detail about the errors and junk files you have in your computer
  • Registry optimization
  • It removes the junk files and errors from your PC
  • Improves the speed and performance of PC by providing more space
  • Organize the scattered files
  • Deletes the broken short cuts
  • Ensures privacy of your PC
  • Different PC optimization settings
  • Removes the temporary files
  • Deletes the unwanted start up programs saved or temporary
  • It minimizes the start up time of your computer
  • Reports about your PC errors and problems
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Automatically downloaded cookies are also tracked and removed with the report of recently opened documents and files
  • It removes flash cookies instantly
  • You can also customize the scan
  • PC Speed Maximizer is easy to download and install
  • There is step by step guide about how to install and use
  • You can use the trail to check the compatibility
  • And much moreā€¦

Pros :

  • It scans your PC and finds out those errors which you might not be able to find yourself
  • It takes less time in the scan and provides you the appropriate results. Scans are clearly explained.
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Removes junk and flash cookies
  • Deletes temporary files and organize the scattered files
  • Increases the speed your computer. It can work like new


  • Very limited trial scan
  • Can be annoying at times
  • No or less warnings before deleting files
  • There are no instructions to create a log

The verdict:

PC Speed Maximizer is a great source to improve the speed of your computer. It has a large range in scan and provides you proper detail about the issues you have in your computer. It is safe, which is most important. Deletes junk and unwanted files. It looks for those things we usually ignore while working on our computer. The speed and performance is highly increased with this program. However, there are some little flaws too. The trial scan must be a little more available than it is now and there must be some warnings. But still, they can be ignored and PC Speed Maximizer is good enough.

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