PCKeeper Review – Scam or Safe to Use?

PCKeeperIt is comprehensive software for a computer. It has all the features which are required to keep the computer running with its optimum speed and efficiency. However, PCKeeper also protects your computer data from being violated by someone else. It ensures the privacy of the computer data. It is available for purchase at the price of 39.99, with complete license for one computer. However, it also available for purchase at other prices for example 59.99 and 89.99 with license for 2 PCs and 3PCs respectively. It keeps your computer attended and ensures its high speed. However, it’s effective and money-saving to try the best system optimizer below:

It's Recommended to Try the best System Optimizer!

It's Recommended to Try the best System Optimizer!


  • Its file recovery tool is really useful for the user. It helps recover the files which were accidentally deleted by the user. Many lost files could be successfully regained.
  • The uninstall feature present in the PC keeper completely removes any tracks which are left behind by the devices you had once installed in your computer. It cleans your computer from these left overs.
  • It completely shreds the file the user had deleted. It ensures that the deleted file could not be restored by anyone again.
  • The files in the computer which could not be manually searched, PC keeper creates ease for the user and helps find all such lost files.
  • The duplicate feature of this software helps detect the duplicates of the file which are taking up the useful space of the computer are easily detected and removed by this feature.
  • The files which need privacy and security are kept hidden by it file hider feature and they remain hidden from the eyes of external intriguers.
  • It thoroughly scans the computer and searches for the files.
  • It removes the files from common window files like recycle bin, temporary files and many more.
  • The start-up manager automatically works when the computer system is switched on.
  • Technical support is provided for the user whenever any PC issue arises. A technician is set to search for the solution of the user’s problem.


  • Many features are available for the user in one software.
  • It does much of the work for the user.
  • It hides files which are important.
  • Automatically performs its function.
  • Many files which were lost could be found in the matter of time.


  • A few dollars may be charged every few months.
  • It requires a wireless for its proper working.
  • It may not offer more manual working.


This software has every feature present in it. It protects the file from being checked by an outsider and saves the private information. If someone tries to check the data stored and the password is entered wrong five times the system is blocked. It saves the user’s time from being wasted by efficiently finding the files in the computer. It ensures the professional working of the user’s computer and helps maintain its speed. However it does have a few flaws like it requires a wireless system for synching but its many benefits makes it worth trying. It's Recommended to Try the best System Optimizer!

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