PCMover Review : Is LapLink PC Mover Safe to Use?

PCMover Review : PCMover is a product of LapLink, used to transfer you old system to new one. Like you , I also doubt the safety and security problem of the transfer. Download it now and follow my review of PCMover to see whether LapLink PC Mover works well and safe to use?
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Why Choose PCMover?

Well, Firstly, PCMover is produced by LapLink, an 24-year-history and famous company, whose products are dedicated to PC connectivity to help people migrate, transfer, synchronize, share, and remotely access files easily and safely. In a nutshell, PCMover is professional in the area of PC connectivity . And further more, PCMover is the flagship solution amongst all products of LapLink,
Secondly, PCMover is multi-language product including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German ,which makes this tool more perfect.
Last but no least, PCMover is a total transfer solutions, no only to transfer files, but also programs, applications, windows settings and etc. This point make this product sells well. Actually ,it’s hard to find the second tool that can move all the selected applications, files and settings to a new PC totally and completely like PCMover.

Main Features of PCMover

Mover all your PC’s entities

PCMover moves all your PC’s entities including programs, files ,settings, registry and more.
This feature is exclusive amongst so many pc movers in today’s market.

Select File & Folder at Your Control

Yes, you can select specific files and folders at your control to transfer to new system with this tool.

Select User Profile At your Control

Yes, you also can select your needy profile as you like with this product. This point can make your new system more safer, because the more useless profiles are, the more danger it will be.

Undo Transfer Easily

If you want undo the transfer process, you can do it easily with the undo button. If you make a mistake of transfer, it is very helpful.

Multiple Transfer Options

You can transfer via Network (recommended), laplink exclusive cable and removable media as will.

More Features Here.

How does PCMover Works?

#1 Download and Install (Click Here to Download)
#2 Connect your old PC to the new one with via network, or cable, or removable media.
#3 Begin to Transfer


I don’t know the exact updated price now. But all I know is that you can use the link below and use coupon code “S6ch2”, which saves your $15. But, remember, this coupon code only available for the link below exclusively.
Automated file transfer and synchronization.


I highly recommend you try this program to transfer your system easily and safely, because it simply saves your time and energy.
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