RegInOut Review – Scam?

An Overview of RegInOut

RegInOut is a registry cleaner which was introduced in 2004. With its simple navigational tools which are located on the right side, it is a very simple mechanism to use. It loads into the registry cleaner when you start the system. Interesting feature of RegInOut is the detailed description of the registry category that you get. Like all other registry cleaners RegInOut also cleans and fixes all registry errors, enhances the speed of the PC and also has few extra tools which other registry cleaners don’t have. But it does have some technical support snags and some problems in accuracy too in scanning the registry. We can conclude by saying that it is a mixed bag of Pros as well as Cons. Anyway hope the below RegInOut Review will help you in deciding for yourself.

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Features of RegInOut

  • It not only scans the registry for any entries that are corrupt but also goes on repairing and fixing the errors encountered.
  • Cleans the entire system of Junk files, temporary files, deletes cookies as well as the History from the various browsers like IE, Google chrome, Firefox and last but not the least even cleans the recycle bins.
  • Fragments the whole registry by making it compact and organizing the registry keys
  • It also adjusts the settings in the internet attempting to enhance the speed you derive from the internet provider.
  • Backup is automatically created which is a boon as it helps in restoring in case of any registry changes done.
  • The Service manager provided helps you in not only optimizing performance of your PC but also services can be stopped which are not being used.
  • Start up Manager also provides facility to enable or disable any of the programs which usually starts when PC is on.
  • The ignore list is also an important feature which protects the registry keys which have been added to that list from being cleaned up or repaired which the advanced high end users may need .
  • Last but not the least you can schedule the cleaner on a daily or weekly basis and you don’t have to remember and take time from your busy schedule to do the task as it will automatically do the needful in the background.


  • Introduction of few extra tools which have been mentioned in the features
  • Scans, Finds and Fixes all registry errors effectively
  • Improves computer speed to a great extent


  • Technical support not up to the mark
  • Alarming number of errors noted when windows is newly installed which may not all be accurate
  • Immediately after one scan is over find new errors which seems doubtful
  • For any help one has to go to the vendor’s website and no help is available directly on the application interface.


As mentioned above though the scanning, cleaning and the extra tools provided is impressive to some extent, the whole support system is not up to the mark and a beginner may face some issues. Also few technical snags like finding too many errors when not due also raises the suspicion. If you are technically sound the product should not be a problem for you. So go ahead and try RegInOut.

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