SLOW PCfighter Review – Scam or Safe to Use?

Aiming to make optimizing your slow computer easier, SLOW-PCfighter offers you the chance to fix your PC like a professional without the high cost.  By the time you are finished reading this SLOW-PCfighter review you will be in a better position to determine if this program is right for your system and your budget.  Brought to you by SPAMfighter, leading Denmark based software developer, the program features four different price points, making it affordable for everyone.  Protect your PC for a month for $9.95 or up to three years for $44.95  No doubt, you’ll appreciate how simple it is to use and I would definitely recommend it for both experienced and novice PC users.

First things first, what you’ll learn in this overview of SLOW-PCfighter is that it is designed to make PC repair easy.  Mainly it will analyze PC errors known to slow down your computer’s performance, delete registry errors, and basically optimize Windows start-up in way that allows your system to boot up much faster.  The program will extend the life of your computer and help you to prevent system failure.  After running it, your system will be running at top speed, almost as fast as when you first purchased it.  It supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows NT.

After downloading you can easily choose to check or ignore specific errors.  The reverse repair and back up option in SLOW-PCfighter is a key feature because you can undo any repair the program has made that might cause other problems with your computer.  Even better you can schedule the program to run automatically at start up, performing updates and deep scans of your PC in the background while you continue using your computer for other activities like surfing the web. 

Although SLOW-PCfighter offers you a free scan, the free scan only finds errors, it does not correct them.  You’ll need to upgrade to a paid option in order to gain access to all the features and benefits of the program.  Also, SLOW-PCfighter only offers a 30 day money-back guarantee as compared to other programs who offer a full 60 day money-back guarantee.  There’s no scanning log analysis and the software makers do not guarantee that 100 percent of your registry errors will be removed.    And, if you own a MAC, this program is not compatible. 

Overall, SLOW-PCfighter is a good deal for the price.  If you can’t afford to purchase a new computer, SLOW-PCfighter is the next best thing.  Download the software and immediately beginning scanning for errors.  In minutes you can be enjoying a faster PC, free from all the problems and issues that has been slowing it down.  Eliminate the risk of system failure and get your computer running at lightening fast speeds.  Downloading is easy and if you are on a tight budget, the monthly option is a good way to get started and see fast results.  All it takes is one click and you can solve your slow PC issues today.

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