ebay niche finder -find what ebay buyers really want 

What the priority in the success of ebay business? We all know, the key is finding niches for you.

With the rapid development of information, in order to gain much note in the ebay market, an ebay research software that can quickly uncovers niches is helpful.

We need to buy what ebay buyers really yen and then we got the niche.

AuctionYen can help you in the conduct.

What makes AuctionYen Unique?

Effectiveness in finding niche

AuctionYen automatically Grasp posts, then determines the ‘Yen Factor’ for all word combinations up to 5 words. Then it reduces your competitions.

Easy Operations

Only need 3 step to get the niche. First Set the Controls. Then it processes date. At last you find your niche product.

Supporting of main market

4 different eBay web sites: ebay.com, ebay.com.uk, ebay.com.au and ebay.com.ca.

60 day money back guarantee

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