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    Best Driver Update Utility: Driver Finder Pro vs Driver Robot 

    This is a comparison between Driver Finder Pro and Driver Robot  talking about which one is the best driver update utility/software. Personally, I highly recommend the both downloads to you and with the installments of them, you can know what I will say more clearly.


    Click Here to Download Driver Finder Pro Directly


    Click Here to Download Driver Robot


    Well, personally, I’d like to recommend Driver Finder Pro to you , simply because I have consistent successful experience with it, by contract, in some case, I don’t have a better usage of   Driver Robot, maybe other people likes it. Below I will list the comparison details Between Driver Finder Pro and Driver Robot.




    Driver Finder Pro


    Driver Robot


    Ease of Use Yes, it is fairly easy to use. No confused interface and the interface is perfectly beautiful and easy to recognize. Yes, it’s is easy to use , but a little inconvenient if your don’t choose Explorer for PC that didn’t be connected with Internet
    Driver scanner Scanner of Driver Finder Pro is fast ,thorough and accurate. Not like other full-results  Driver Utility, this tool gives you specific and useful updates. This scanner is also not bad. At least, it didn’t scam people with a lot of trivial driver updates.
    Driver database The database drivers is the most largest I ever used. The database is a little less than that of Driver Finder  Pro
    Customer Support Email support is fast and useful. Email support is fast and dedicated.
    Compatibility Perfect with all the Windows OS A little lame with Win7 , others are perfect
    Brands Supported Almost all the brands like HP, Dell and ThinkPad are supported by this driver tool. A little brands are not supported.
    Safety No adware, spyware, malware,virus are found. And safe to update. No adware, spyware, malware,virus are found.And safe to update.
    Refund Policy 60-day full money back guarantee with no hassle 60-day risk-free money back guarantee
    Update Speed Hourly driver updates with highly speed. Daily driver update with fairly good speed.
    Manufactures DeskToolsSoft Blitware
    Launched Date Aug, 2009 Sep, 2008
    Price $34.95 one computer one year additional $9.95 extending to 3 year license $29.95 one computer one year
    additional $9.95 offline driver updates
    Our Rating 5 Stars 4 Stars
      Buy It Now Buy It Now



    Driver Finder Pro is my first choice, and if you like ,you also can try Driver Robot which was launched earlier and sells well. But I highly recommend Driver Finder Pro to your firstly.

    Click Here to Buy Driver Finder Pro Directly


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    Driver Checker Review – Get Windows 7 Drivers Automatically 

      I Don’t RecommendDriver Checker for you now. Because the vendor don’t update it for long. Now, I introduce the best automatic driver tools for you, it’s called Driver Finder Pro. Below is the screenshot of Driver Finder Pro.


    Click Here to Visit Driver Finder Pro Website.

    If you need to a review of Driver Finder Pro, Click Here to Visit Review of Driver Finder Pro.

    _______________The Below Content is not recommended now!______________

    Hi hobby,

    Nice to meet you in the Internet. I’m an IT engineer. After reviewing several driver tools, I have a rest recently. Today, I continues to write reviews of new pc tools for you.

    Like Driver Robot , Driver Finder and Driver Detective, Driver Checker is an alternative for your automatic finding all pc drivers. As it’s said, every coins has two sides. For choosing an product, it is wise idea to consider its side of virtue, which is corresponded to your needs.

    Below I will give you some opinions about Driver Checker.


    Accurate Driver Error Check

    Offer essential information to get the drivers and fix the problems.

    Fast  Drivers Repairs & Quick Updates

    You’d better to get a copy here an give a try.

    Free Scanner

    If you don’t want to pay any penny, you can use this free scanner Driver Checker provides to get your update-needy drivers list and get and install updated drivers manually.

    Proper Price

    The awesome price is $39.95 for one year. Don’t be disappointed, other 4 products will be free for you for one year, including famous Registry Easy, Perfect Uninstall, Spyware Cease and Advanced Defrag. If you buy those now, it means you save $139. This Offer Ends on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 , as is said in the official site.

    Online & Offline Driver Updates Supported

    As I know, Driver Robot will charge you $9.95 for Offline Exporter. If you need offline updates, you can consider buying Driver Checker.

    Larger Driver Database

    Until now, when I write this article, 1834240 kinds of drivers are included and ready in the database of official site.

    Driver Backup Mechanism

    Using this mechanism, you never need to worry about missing important drivers in your original system.

    Good Technical Supporter

    According my experience,if you contact with the custom support by email,  you can get prompt reply.

    Negative Side

    Driver Checker is not well compatible with Windows 7 .


    All in all, if you do not use Windows 7 , Driver Checker is a good choice. Otherwise, you’d better buy Driver Robot or Driver Finder.

    Buy Driver Checker Here

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    Driver Finder Scam ? – Driver Finder Pro Review 

    Is Driver Finder a Scam?

    I’m an IT engineer, Testing new digital product or software is my pleasure. According my test on this digital product, Driver Finder is definitely not a scam. Comparing to Driver Robot , both them are excellent in the driver tool category. If you are interested in Driver Robot, you can find several reviews on this blog.

    Who makes Driver Finder?

    DeskToolsSoft is a company that is dedicated in produce desktop utilities that can optimize your PC on various. A lot of happy users are enjoying their products, such as Secure Uninstaller and Driver Finder.

    Benefits of Driver Finder 

    Ease of Use

    Even you are a novice of computer, you can find it is easy and reassuring to use.

    Scanning Efficiency

    Below is the screenshot of main interface of Driver Finder, you can find that only tiny seconds was used in scanning my computer. General, it is very efficient to scan computer.

    Driver Integrity

    It uses a unique combination of  automated crawlers ,electronic driver file analyzers, and  manual checking by computer professionals before driver files are added to their database!

    Hourly Updates

    The process of automated crawlers and analyzers are never stop, Driver Finder guarantee the updated quality.

    System Compatibility

    Driver Finder fully compatibles with all windows version, including Windows Xp, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

    Customer Support

    Undoubtedly, the customer support of Driver Finder is also awesome. you can check here to see the testimonials.

    My Suggestions On Driver Finder

    Single PC License of Driver Finder is a littler high. Check here to see the updated price. But if you ask a friend to buy two Licenses, you can save about $7.50 as I knew. And remember that if you are not satisfied with this product, you should not hesitate to request a refund. They offer 60 days money back guarantee.

    I thoroughly recommend trying Driver Finder immediately. Just click the picture below.image

    Other Products of DeskToolsSoft

    Since Perfect Uninstaller is good choice, if you do not like it, and look for an alternative. I highly recommend you  trying Secure Uninstaller which is made by  DeskToolsSoft. I’ll write a review on Secure Uninstaller later.

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    best driver tool Review – Comparison Driver Robot to Driver Finder 


    Hello friends,

    I am a IT engineer, and have reviewed lots of useful pc tools including Driver Robot and  Driver Finder. In this article, I want to make a comparison between them. I have write several reviews about the two products. You can find them in my blog site.

    Comparison Driver Robot to Driver Finder

      Driver Robot Driver Finder 
    Logo image image
    Company Blitware Technology Inc DeskToolsSoft
    Clickbank Gravity 133.23 12.50
    Features #1 Perfect Driver Scanner
    #2 Full Driver Database
    #3 Timely Database Updates
    #4 Offline Driver Analysis
    #5 Driver Robot Exporter
    #6 Full Driver Mirroring
    #7 Perfect Technical Support
    #8 Full System Compatibility
    #1 Ease of Use
    #2 Fair Scanning Efficiency
    #3 Fair Database Size
    #4 Driver Integrity
    #5 Hourly Updates
    #6 Download Speed
    #7 Full System Compatibility
    #8 Fair Customer Support
    Driver Download Speed Very Quick Fairly Quick
    Scanning Speed Very Quick Very Quick
    System Compatibility Guaranteed to be fully compatible with all versions of Windows including Vista 64-bit edition Fully compatible with all Windows OS versions, including Windows XP (32- and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit), and Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit).
    Supporting Drivers Sound card drivers
    Printer drivers
    Video card drivers
    Motherboard drivers
    Webcam drivers
    Wireless drivers
    Ethernet drivers
    FireWire drivers
    USB drivers
    Chipset drivers
    DVD drivers
    Mouse drivers
    Keyboard drivers
    Disk drive drivers
    Monitor drivers
    AC97 Drivers
    Audio Drivers
    Bluetooth Drivers
    Chipset Drivers
    DVD Drivers
    Ethernet Drivers
    Firewire Drivers
    Motherboard Drivers
    Printer Drivers
    Router Drivers
    Sound Card Drivers
    USB Drivers
    Video Card Drivers
    Webcam Drivers
    Wireless Drivers
    Windows XP Drivers
    Windows Vista Drivers
    Windows 7 Drivers
    Spyware&Adware Absolutely No Absolutely No
    Refund Policy 60 day 100% money back guarantee 60 day 100% money back guarantee
    Current Version: 1.0 1.0.11
    Size 5.14Mb 15.3MB
    Price $ 39.95 for 1 year
    Including $9.95 Exporter
    A little higher than Driver Robot 
    Official Site Link Click here Click Here


    I personally Driver Robot , because it is popular, cheaper and fully integrity. If you are interested in it. Click Here to go to the official site of Driver Robot.

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