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    Best Driver Update Utility: Driver Finder Pro vs Driver Robot 

    This is a comparison between Driver Finder Pro and Driver Robot  talking about which one is the best driver update utility/software. Personally, I highly recommend the both downloads to you and with the installments of them, you can know what I will say more clearly.


    Click Here to Download Driver Finder Pro Directly


    Click Here to Download Driver Robot


    Well, personally, I’d like to recommend Driver Finder Pro to you , simply because I have consistent successful experience with it, by contract, in some case, I don’t have a better usage of   Driver Robot, maybe other people likes it. Below I will list the comparison details Between Driver Finder Pro and Driver Robot.




    Driver Finder Pro


    Driver Robot


    Ease of Use Yes, it is fairly easy to use. No confused interface and the interface is perfectly beautiful and easy to recognize. Yes, it’s is easy to use , but a little inconvenient if your don’t choose Explorer for PC that didn’t be connected with Internet
    Driver scanner Scanner of Driver Finder Pro is fast ,thorough and accurate. Not like other full-results  Driver Utility, this tool gives you specific and useful updates. This scanner is also not bad. At least, it didn’t scam people with a lot of trivial driver updates.
    Driver database The database drivers is the most largest I ever used. The database is a little less than that of Driver Finder  Pro
    Customer Support Email support is fast and useful. Email support is fast and dedicated.
    Compatibility Perfect with all the Windows OS A little lame with Win7 , others are perfect
    Brands Supported Almost all the brands like HP, Dell and ThinkPad are supported by this driver tool. A little brands are not supported.
    Safety No adware, spyware, malware,virus are found. And safe to update. No adware, spyware, malware,virus are found.And safe to update.
    Refund Policy 60-day full money back guarantee with no hassle 60-day risk-free money back guarantee
    Update Speed Hourly driver updates with highly speed. Daily driver update with fairly good speed.
    Manufactures DeskToolsSoft Blitware
    Launched Date Aug, 2009 Sep, 2008
    Price $34.95 one computer one year additional $9.95 extending to 3 year license $29.95 one computer one year
    additional $9.95 offline driver updates
    Our Rating 5 Stars 4 Stars
      Buy It Now Buy It Now



    Driver Finder Pro is my first choice, and if you like ,you also can try Driver Robot which was launched earlier and sells well. But I highly recommend Driver Finder Pro to your firstly.

    Click Here to Buy Driver Finder Pro Directly


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    Driver Detective Scam ? – DriverSHQ Version 6.4 Review 

    Hello everybody,

    As a IT engineer and new-thing-suitor, I have written a few reviews about automatic driver tools, such as Driver Robot and Driver Finder. Today I focus on a new one Driver Detective, which also called DriverSHQ.

    Why Driver Detective?

    Driver Detective is made by famous software company PC Drivers Headquarters Inc. Since 1996, the company has begun to supply service of driver updates.


    Updated Drivers

    From the driver databases in the Web Servers of Driver Detective, Driver Detective Client can grab drivers corresponding to your computer system automatically.

    Specific Drivers  For Your Computer

    In order to improve the accuracy, you’d better to specify you computer type and model. Then, Driver Detective can grab specific drivers for your computer in a more accurate way.

    Easy Driver Backup Wizard

    If your computer did not always connect to the Internet,  I highly recommend make a backup for your updated drivers in this product.

    Integrated Customer Support

    Drivers Headquarters has a well-trained and experienced support staff available to help you, Driver Detective also has integrated customer support tools.

    Multiple Languages Support

    Currently, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish  are available as shown in the picture below.


    Screenshots Preview

    Below is the main interface of Driver Detective. If is a good idea to choose your specific computer type an model.


    Below is the scanning interface.


    After scanning, the scanning result interface presents. Next step is to click “Next” button to update drivers for the computer.


    Attention Points

    .NET Framework 2.0 is required for Driver Detective. So when you install it , check whether your system has installed it or not.

    Buying Strategy

    Normally $39.95, Now ,for a limited time, the price for one year license of Driver Detective  is $29.95.  The big surprise is that if you add $9.95, you can get 2 years driver updates.  That means you save $30.00. So I highly recommend you buying 2 years license at one year price immediately.

    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||BUY DRIVER DETECTIVE 6.40  HERE||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

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    How to Install Windows XP Driver : Driver Robot Review 

    Who am I?

    I am a IT engineer . In my daily life, I like to try new software or digital services and review them. I have write several articles for Driver Robot and other similar tools. If you are interested in trying new things, I highly search my blog and see my reviews for them.

    Windows Xp Driver

    As we know, Windows XP is launched about in 2001, an old and outdated Windows operation system. Windows 7 or Windows Vista has got lot of progress especially in driver automatic installment, for the issue of compatibility, we have to remain Windows XP.

    When a new Windows XP system is installed, it can indentify about 80% drivers, and install them automatically. It sounds great. But how about the remaining 20% ones, such as Ac 97 Driver, Graphics Driver and Webcam Driver . And the 80% drivers actually must be outdated.

    What may happen with outdated drivers inside your system? Actually, I can’t count it. However, there is occasion of black screen, blue screen and so on. Even if you can update or install them manually, it is time-consuming and frustrating.

    Driver Robot have helped me, I believe it also can help you.

    Why Driver Robot

    Perfect Scan

    With high accurate detection, It correctly identifies almost 100% of all consumer hardware devices. With outdated drivers found and updated, Driver Robot let your heart reassuring.

    Huge Database

    Driver Robot in the backward collects and check new drivers in a comprehensive way. You never need to worry about missing a driver corresponding  to hardware.

    Quick Download Speed

    Actually, it is up to your Internet speed of your computer. In today’s time, the capacity of Internet has been growing very fast, so you never need to pay time to this issue.

    Who product Driver Robot

    Blitware is a Canadian software vendor from Victoria, BC, Canada. Though it is young, the products made by it including File Helper, Driver Robot are popular in the Internet.


    Since the company of Driver Robot is discounting it, I highly recommend you to buy it immediately. You can buy it with confidence, they supply 60 day unconditional money back guarantee . Below is the link.

    Buy Driver Robot Immediately

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    best driver tool Review – Comparison Driver Robot to Driver Finder 


    Hello friends,

    I am a IT engineer, and have reviewed lots of useful pc tools including Driver Robot and  Driver Finder. In this article, I want to make a comparison between them. I have write several reviews about the two products. You can find them in my blog site.

    Comparison Driver Robot to Driver Finder

      Driver Robot Driver Finder 
    Logo image image
    Company Blitware Technology Inc DeskToolsSoft
    Clickbank Gravity 133.23 12.50
    Features #1 Perfect Driver Scanner
    #2 Full Driver Database
    #3 Timely Database Updates
    #4 Offline Driver Analysis
    #5 Driver Robot Exporter
    #6 Full Driver Mirroring
    #7 Perfect Technical Support
    #8 Full System Compatibility
    #1 Ease of Use
    #2 Fair Scanning Efficiency
    #3 Fair Database Size
    #4 Driver Integrity
    #5 Hourly Updates
    #6 Download Speed
    #7 Full System Compatibility
    #8 Fair Customer Support
    Driver Download Speed Very Quick Fairly Quick
    Scanning Speed Very Quick Very Quick
    System Compatibility Guaranteed to be fully compatible with all versions of Windows including Vista 64-bit edition Fully compatible with all Windows OS versions, including Windows XP (32- and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit), and Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit).
    Supporting Drivers Sound card drivers
    Printer drivers
    Video card drivers
    Motherboard drivers
    Webcam drivers
    Wireless drivers
    Ethernet drivers
    FireWire drivers
    USB drivers
    Chipset drivers
    DVD drivers
    Mouse drivers
    Keyboard drivers
    Disk drive drivers
    Monitor drivers
    AC97 Drivers
    Audio Drivers
    Bluetooth Drivers
    Chipset Drivers
    DVD Drivers
    Ethernet Drivers
    Firewire Drivers
    Motherboard Drivers
    Printer Drivers
    Router Drivers
    Sound Card Drivers
    USB Drivers
    Video Card Drivers
    Webcam Drivers
    Wireless Drivers
    Windows XP Drivers
    Windows Vista Drivers
    Windows 7 Drivers
    Spyware&Adware Absolutely No Absolutely No
    Refund Policy 60 day 100% money back guarantee 60 day 100% money back guarantee
    Current Version: 1.0 1.0.11
    Size 5.14Mb 15.3MB
    Price $ 39.95 for 1 year
    Including $9.95 Exporter
    A little higher than Driver Robot 
    Official Site Link Click here Click Here


    I personally Driver Robot , because it is popular, cheaper and fully integrity. If you are interested in it. Click Here to go to the official site of Driver Robot.

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    How to Update Sound card drivers Automatically- Driver Robot Review 

    Hello Everyone,

    As you know, I am a IT engineer. After my busy work, generally I will have a relax – playing video games. But, maybe there is an outdated sound card driver inside my system, I sometimes may hear weird sound – not sound, it was total noises. Fortunately, Driver Robot helps me, this issue was solved perfectly at last. Also, if you reinstall your system, Driver Robot can help done the work of installing all the drivers. It is ultimately easy and convenient.

    How to do it?


    Download Driver Robot and Install it

    Step #1 – You can download from clicking Driver Robot here and you will see the web page As shown below.


    Step #2 – After that,you will see webpage below and click the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button and a download window will be popped up. Just clicking the “Run” , after download, it will be installed follow your instructions then.


    Step #3 – After installation, you can find the beautiful interface of Driver Robot.  Three Main Features including Driver Scan, Downloads, Exporter, are presenting in front of your eyes.


    Scan Outdated Drivers

    You can use this free tool to scan outdated drivers in your system, easily. As shown below in my screenshot, 24 new drivers were found in my system. This feature saves me a lot of time to do the same thing manually.


    Download Updated Drivers

    If you need to download and update drivers automatically, you may consider to buy itDriver Robot is definitely a cost-effective product. And the customer service is also awesome.

    My Suggestion

    Since the company of Driver Robot is discounting it, I highly recommend you to buy it immediately. You can buy it with confidence, they supply 60 day unconditional money back guarantee . Below is the link.

    Buy Driver Robot Immediately

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