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    Error Fix Scam? – Error Fix Review 

    Is Error Fix a scam?

    First, I give you a brief introduction about the reviewer,me. I am a IT engineer. In my free time, I like to test and review new software and pc tools.

    According my comprehensive test on Error Fix, it is really a useful and convenient tool for cleaning Windows operation system registry. After cleaned by it, the speed of my computer really got up.

    Main Features


    If you are a newbie, don’t worry about the complex operation. you can finish just using one click. And it will scan your system automatically.

    Custom Scan

    For anyone who wants a more hands-on experience, Error Fix also provides a fully interactive scan. You can customize Registry Errors that will be detected beforehand. You have the control at every step of the way,  this way.

    User-Controlled Cleanup

    At no point in the cleaning process does Error Fix try to overrule your decision. You can let it clean selections automatically, or you can tell it which entries need to stay and which need to go. Error Fix displays all its scanning results in an editable list, and it never cleans anything without your say so!

    Automatic Backup and Restore

    To accomplish abiding you never feel that your Registry is at risk, Error Fix creates automated backups afore every cleaning. This way, if at any point you aren’t annoyed with the after-effects of a clean, you can acknowledgment the Registry to its above state.

    Auto Updates and Manual Updates

    Our antecedence is to accumulate your arrangement active efficiently. To advice do this, we able Error Fix with an automated amend affection that accoutrements it with all of the latest accepted Registry Errors and Fixes. Set this amend to admit automatically or set it to active you afore install. If you wish, set it to not even attending for updates unless you wish it to. The best it yours.

    Full Registry Backup

    Improving your arrangement is our goal. Use Error Fix’s Full Registry Backup to yield snapshots of your Registry whenever you wish. With these Backups in hand, you can consistently restore the above accompaniment of your Registry, no amount what approaching threats may do to it.

    User Friendly

    Every point of Error Fix was advised for ease-of-use. Unlike added charwoman programs, Error Fix was engineered to accommodate top-of-the-line charwoman heuristics packaged in an interface that’s both automatic and clear. This interface, accompanying with our 24/7, online tech abutment helps accomplish Error Fix the hands-down foreground agent in Registry charwoman utilities.

    Rewards It Got

    What awards Error Fix has got? Just look the awesome laudatory below.

    image image image

    Download The Free Scanner

     Error Fix is not a scam  and I highly recommend you donload  Error Fix now.


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    Driver Detective Scam ? – DriverSHQ Version 6.4 Review 

    Hello everybody,

    As a IT engineer and new-thing-suitor, I have written a few reviews about automatic driver tools, such as Driver Robot and Driver Finder. Today I focus on a new one Driver Detective, which also called DriverSHQ.

    Why Driver Detective?

    Driver Detective is made by famous software company PC Drivers Headquarters Inc. Since 1996, the company has begun to supply service of driver updates.


    Updated Drivers

    From the driver databases in the Web Servers of Driver Detective, Driver Detective Client can grab drivers corresponding to your computer system automatically.

    Specific Drivers  For Your Computer

    In order to improve the accuracy, you’d better to specify you computer type and model. Then, Driver Detective can grab specific drivers for your computer in a more accurate way.

    Easy Driver Backup Wizard

    If your computer did not always connect to the Internet,  I highly recommend make a backup for your updated drivers in this product.

    Integrated Customer Support

    Drivers Headquarters has a well-trained and experienced support staff available to help you, Driver Detective also has integrated customer support tools.

    Multiple Languages Support

    Currently, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish  are available as shown in the picture below.


    Screenshots Preview

    Below is the main interface of Driver Detective. If is a good idea to choose your specific computer type an model.


    Below is the scanning interface.


    After scanning, the scanning result interface presents. Next step is to click “Next” button to update drivers for the computer.


    Attention Points

    .NET Framework 2.0 is required for Driver Detective. So when you install it , check whether your system has installed it or not.

    Buying Strategy

    Normally $39.95, Now ,for a limited time, the price for one year license of Driver Detective  is $29.95.  The big surprise is that if you add $9.95, you can get 2 years driver updates.  That means you save $30.00. So I highly recommend you buying 2 years license at one year price immediately.

    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||BUY DRIVER DETECTIVE 6.40  HERE||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

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    Error Fix Review – An Error Doctor 

    The Issues

    Our computer system operations are so vulnerable to get affected that we need to repair and recover or reinstall it frequently.


    How to fix those problems effective? According my experience, ErrorFix is a wise choice. It supplies us an opportunity to restore to our PCs to optimal performance. I did a full scan with ErrorFix above, the screenshots show that it is a very nagging scanner; it counts harmless things such as cookies, and it counted Error Fix as 9 out of 10 treat level.

    Three Main Features

    Here I will count the main features of ErrorFix.

    Scan: I scanned my machine after the download. I wanted to clean up and speed up my machine which is reaching a critical full disk stage. It scan lots of registry errors of my os, you can find it my screenshot above. It was so quick and picky for the errors.

    Repair: ErrorFix can back up your registry automatically and securely, clean out junk data, redundant files, invalid shortcuts and outdated help files. It also can Rectify Runtime Errors and Windows Startup Errors, and eliminate Explorer Errors. Besides, almost all of windows errors can be repaired by it. You can check out here to see more

    Speed up: By organizing and removing startup program and removing detected registry errors automatically, it Increase your PC’s bootup speed by up to 30-70 percent!


    Unfortunately, until you purchase the program, the features of removal of errors is off-limits.

    But, we know free means no good goods. So you can consider buying the economy and worthwhile tools. Novices will find it easy to set up the Registry cleanup schedule, which allows you to clean your Registry at your convenience. The obvious extra feature is the Startup Manager, which performed well during testing.

    Above all, ErrorFix is a good error cleaner, especially for the registry errors.

    >>Buy or Free-trial here <<

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