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    Error Fix Scam? – Error Fix Review 

    Is Error Fix a scam?

    First, I give you a brief introduction about the reviewer,me. I am a IT engineer. In my free time, I like to test and review new software and pc tools.

    According my comprehensive test on Error Fix, it is really a useful and convenient tool for cleaning Windows operation system registry. After cleaned by it, the speed of my computer really got up.

    Main Features


    If you are a newbie, don’t worry about the complex operation. you can finish just using one click. And it will scan your system automatically.

    Custom Scan

    For anyone who wants a more hands-on experience, Error Fix also provides a fully interactive scan. You can customize Registry Errors that will be detected beforehand. You have the control at every step of the way,  this way.

    User-Controlled Cleanup

    At no point in the cleaning process does Error Fix try to overrule your decision. You can let it clean selections automatically, or you can tell it which entries need to stay and which need to go. Error Fix displays all its scanning results in an editable list, and it never cleans anything without your say so!

    Automatic Backup and Restore

    To accomplish abiding you never feel that your Registry is at risk, Error Fix creates automated backups afore every cleaning. This way, if at any point you aren’t annoyed with the after-effects of a clean, you can acknowledgment the Registry to its above state.

    Auto Updates and Manual Updates

    Our antecedence is to accumulate your arrangement active efficiently. To advice do this, we able Error Fix with an automated amend affection that accoutrements it with all of the latest accepted Registry Errors and Fixes. Set this amend to admit automatically or set it to active you afore install. If you wish, set it to not even attending for updates unless you wish it to. The best it yours.

    Full Registry Backup

    Improving your arrangement is our goal. Use Error Fix’s Full Registry Backup to yield snapshots of your Registry whenever you wish. With these Backups in hand, you can consistently restore the above accompaniment of your Registry, no amount what approaching threats may do to it.

    User Friendly

    Every point of Error Fix was advised for ease-of-use. Unlike added charwoman programs, Error Fix was engineered to accommodate top-of-the-line charwoman heuristics packaged in an interface that’s both automatic and clear. This interface, accompanying with our 24/7, online tech abutment helps accomplish Error Fix the hands-down foreground agent in Registry charwoman utilities.

    Rewards It Got

    What awards Error Fix has got? Just look the awesome laudatory below.

    image image image

    Download The Free Scanner

     Error Fix is not a scam  and I highly recommend you donload  Error Fix now.


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    RegClean Review – 2010 Edition RegClean Scam? 

    Hello Everybody,

    Those days past, I got a lot emergences to deal with. Now, having some free time ,  I am very excited to prepare to test and review a few pc tools I like. You know, I am skilled in analyzing and comparing  pc tools, especially Registry Cleaner and Driver Tools.

    After several tests,I found RegClean is a good tool for cleaning registry. It’s my pleasure to show you the details of it below, because I am Mr. Helper.

    Why need to Clean Registry?

    Shortly speaking, that some errors and trash hide in the registry will influence the stability and speed of your computer. Cleaning it by an useful and professional tool, such as RegClean ,to solve the registry problem is a better way than we ourselves do, Because the way using a registry cleaner is time-saving and  let you concentrate on other thing.

    Benefits of RegClean

    Advanced Technology

    Accurate Scanner

    Settings &  Startup Management

    Backup Management

    60 Days Full Money Back Guarantee

    Click here to see benefit details of RegClean

    How RegClean Works

    Firstly, RegClean scans registry entities inside your windows system, to find errors and trash that lead to your slow and unstably computer system and the scanner is total free like other product in the same category. It only took me half minute scanning my systems completely and with the speed is a better one. The process will be demonstrated in the screenshots below.

    Secondly, you need to purchase the product in order to gain the function of fixes and repairs. After the purchase and activation, only a few clicking operations will be needed to complete fixing and repairing process.

    Then, you would get a stabile and  fast system.


    In order to show you RegClean vividly, I cut some screenshot of it personally below.  You can find the main interface beautiful and concise.



    My Suggestions

    Unlike other complicated and “comprehensive” registry or pc tool, RegClean is dedicated to solve the registry problems, thus, the price is perfect proper, not wasting money in useless functions.

    Click Here to The Official Site of  RegClean and Find the surprising price

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    RegGenie Review – Warning,Don’t buy it until read this 

    Hello Pal,

    Before the review, please let me make a brief introduce about me. I’m an IT engineer. In my free time, I like to test new software programs. Today, I find RegGenie definately is a good stuff, so I write this review for it.

    Why RegGenie?

    After my careful test, I found there are a least 9 features you can benefit from RegGenie.

    #1 Easy Of Use

    Only three simply steps are needed to complete the task of cleaning and fixing registry.First, A click to trigger the scanning button; Second, choose trash references and entities that you want to fix. At last, a simple click is to complete the task.

    #2 Accurate & Safe Scanning

    In my experience, RegGenie is always working in a accurate and safe way. Because of the backup mechanism, you don’t need to be worried about the safety of your system registry.

    #3 Full Fixing Function

    Not like other ones, RegGenie can fix all the errors completely.

    #4 Safe Registry Backup

    It’s a good idea to backup your registry database, so this feature is a useful stuff.

    #5 Easy Updates

    Reinstalling a stuff is frustrating and time-consuming. Thanks to updates of RegGenie, it is convenient to update.

    #6 Low Price

    The price for one year single PC license is only $34.95. The amazing thing now is that you can get 3 full years license only $9.95 plus needed.

    #7 Low System Requirement

    RegGenie is green, only 15MB of free hard disk space and 128MB of RAM is needed. Of course, Internet access is required to register product and receive product updates

    #8 Real ability to Speed Up Your Computer

    After my test, my computer get quicker visibly. So I am convinced that you also can speed up your computer with RegGenie.

    #9 Official Awards & Recognition

    Click here to see the detail.

    #10 High Popularity

    I don’t want to see anything. Click Here to see the testimonials about it in the right.

    My Suggestion

    I don’t know when the discount will end. So I highly recommend you buying 3 year license at price of only $44.90 immediately. PayPal or Credit Card are all welcome. And if you are not satisfied with it, request a refund with confidence.

    Click Here to Buy RegGenie Now 


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    RegTool Scam? – don’t Purchase it Before Read this 

    Hello everybody,

    Before we discuss whether RegTool is a scam or not, please allow me to make a brief introduce of me.  As an IT engineer, I have to conduct all kinds of computers and operation systems including comprehensive Windows versions. And I have appreciated several useful tools, such as Driver Robot, Driver Finder and RegTool.

    According my happy experience,  I can say RegTool is definitely not a scam with confidence.

    Below I will you how  to use RegTool to scan & clean our computers step by step.

    A Full Demonstration 

    Step #1 Download & Installment

    Click here to the official site and you can see the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button in front of you. image

    Just Click the button, and three versions of RegTool are at your choice. I highly recommended you download the Full 30 days trial version, because you can try full features of it without a penny and you waste nothing except a little trial time.


    Step #2 Select Entities You Want to Clean

    In this step,  check all entities and simply click “START SCAN” button. Be attrition, if you don’t want to download Microsoft Updates or Adobe Updates or Java Updates, uncheck the last three entities.


    Step #3 Scanning Process

    After about 2 minutes, bad registry , junk files, privacy, bad activex,  optimizations and updates of my system has been found. Now all I need to do it simply click “Repair All” button. And go on the next step.


    #4 Select Your Optimization Entities

    In this step, I highly recommend checking all the options. Don’t worry about your system, a restore point has been created. Cleaning process will last about 3 minutes. If you checked update options, after that updating process will begin.





    Features of RegTool

    I simply list all the features of RegTool, if you are interested in other feature in detail, click here to see more information.

    Junk Files Remover

    Privacy Files Cleaner

    PC Speed Optimizer

    Block Bad ActiveX Controls

    Smart Disk Defrag

    Startup Program Manager

    Uninstall Manger

    Restore Point

    BHO Manager

    Error Repair

    IE Restore

    Internet Optimizer

    Software Updates

    Tweak Memory

    Re-Register ActiveX


    Live Updates for latest drivers

    My Suggestions

    The special price of  RegTool  is 34.95 for 1 year license now , I highly recommend you to buy it immediately. You can buy it with confidence, they offer 60 day unconditional money back guarantee . Below is the link.


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    Is RegGenie a scammer ? 

    How to fix our registry of Windows XP or Windows 7? Is RegGenie a scam? Below I will definite what is a qualified registry cleaner.

    Before the question, it’s highly recommended to download RegGenie for free Now!

    Download RegGenie Now!

    What are the troubles of PC?

    One category is that of performance issues, including missing file associations, invalid device drivers, missing help files, corrupt registry files and so on. The other is that of common errors, including exe errors, dll errors, IE errors, runtime errors , etc.

    How to fixed them?

    We can repair those issues manually. Undoubtedly, this way is complete free. But it is time-consuming and troubled. You know time is money. It is a wise to looking for a tool to solve them. We are pursuing a tool that can fix those issues effectively and reassuring.

    Features needed of a best tool


    We know the crash in the pc is uncategorized and uncountable. A professional registry tool should focus on its professional domains, which are related to our common registry issues, including COM/ActiveX/OLE entries, Application Uninstall entries, Font entries, Shared DLL entries, Application Paths entries and many.

    Repairing and Speeding up

    Repairing and speeding up our computers is the destination. The standard to check a best registry cleaner is the effectiveness of fixes and speed of our computers.

    100% Money back Guarantee

    Of course A full 60-day satisfaction guarantee is indispensable for a qualified registry cleaner.


    According to my experience and searching ,RegGenie is the one I described above. Although I have reviewed many products related registry cleaner, the world is various and everything has its exceptional merit. RegGenie is no exception. It is the professional one. After being updated those years, RegGenie has already become mature. With functions of automatic and free updated, and other welcome features, it has become popular in many countries.

    Besides, RegGenie offers additional features including Registry Backup,Windows Startup Manager and Registry Defrag.

    >> Click Here to Download RegGenie Now!<<

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    how clean registry – a wise registry cleaner review 

    How Clean registry

    Got a boring problem

    Recently, I found my PC run more and more slowly and sometimes pop up mysterious error messages. Because my bachelor major is Computer Science and technology, I know something wrong with Windows Registry of my computer. I also know how to fix it manually. But After I fixed an error. I got stop. It was so boring and time-consuming.

    A Wise Registry Cleaner

    Fortunately, I found a mysterious product that can fix those registry errors automatic and quickly. That is Registry Easy. It is so cute and clever that I can’t abandon it. Everyday, My first thing is run the appliance, and clean my computer. My mood is happy with the registry rubbish cleared.

    My Experience

    Below is a screenshot of Registry Easy. It can scan and fix ActiveX OLE, Application Paths, Empty Registry Keys, File Extensions, Font Entities, Help Section, Invalid File Associations, Invalid Shortcuts, Most Recent Used Files, Shared DLL’s Sections, Sounds Section, Start Menu Items, Startup Programs, System Software Settings, Uninstall Entries and User Software Settings.

    About the Manufacturer

    The Manufacturer of Registry Easy has conducted the business since 2006. Its professional and hard-working made the product one of the best Registry fixed software in the world. Here is a testimony recite form the official site “MAN! this program is so fast and so easy to use, i just had to leave a comment”

    Registry Easy Features

    What makes Registry Easy unique? A high-performance detection algorithm inside is the key. The algorithm makes the repairing work automatic and quick. For my experience, I just took me 30 seconds to fix all the registry errors, although it depended on the system you use. Beside the Registry fixed function. It bring you awesome and mysterious features. For backup as an example, you can easily recover any changes if required. Additional, Optimize System, System Fix, IE Tools are also useful tools.

    Below is the info of current version of Registry Easy:

    Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win 7

    Protection Against: Cleans registry and optimizes PC for better performance.

    How to Buy It

    It is Total free to scan your registry errors. If you also want to fixed them, you can buy it for economic price.

    Buy or Download here.

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