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    RegGenie Review – Warning,Don’t buy it until read this 

    Hello Pal,

    Before the review, please let me make a brief introduce about me. I’m an IT engineer. In my free time, I like to test new software programs. Today, I find RegGenie definately is a good stuff, so I write this review for it.

    Why RegGenie?

    After my careful test, I found there are a least 9 features you can benefit from RegGenie.

    #1 Easy Of Use

    Only three simply steps are needed to complete the task of cleaning and fixing registry.First, A click to trigger the scanning button; Second, choose trash references and entities that you want to fix. At last, a simple click is to complete the task.

    #2 Accurate & Safe Scanning

    In my experience, RegGenie is always working in a accurate and safe way. Because of the backup mechanism, you don’t need to be worried about the safety of your system registry.

    #3 Full Fixing Function

    Not like other ones, RegGenie can fix all the errors completely.

    #4 Safe Registry Backup

    It’s a good idea to backup your registry database, so this feature is a useful stuff.

    #5 Easy Updates

    Reinstalling a stuff is frustrating and time-consuming. Thanks to updates of RegGenie, it is convenient to update.

    #6 Low Price

    The price for one year single PC license is only $34.95. The amazing thing now is that you can get 3 full years license only $9.95 plus needed.

    #7 Low System Requirement

    RegGenie is green, only 15MB of free hard disk space and 128MB of RAM is needed. Of course, Internet access is required to register product and receive product updates

    #8 Real ability to Speed Up Your Computer

    After my test, my computer get quicker visibly. So I am convinced that you also can speed up your computer with RegGenie.

    #9 Official Awards & Recognition

    Click here to see the detail.

    #10 High Popularity

    I don’t want to see anything. Click Here to see the testimonials about it in the right.

    My Suggestion

    I don’t know when the discount will end. So I highly recommend you buying 3 year license at price of only $44.90 immediately. PayPal or Credit Card are all welcome. And if you are not satisfied with it, request a refund with confidence.

    Click Here to Buy RegGenie Now 


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    how clean registry – a wise registry cleaner review 

    How Clean registry

    Got a boring problem

    Recently, I found my PC run more and more slowly and sometimes pop up mysterious error messages. Because my bachelor major is Computer Science and technology, I know something wrong with Windows Registry of my computer. I also know how to fix it manually. But After I fixed an error. I got stop. It was so boring and time-consuming.

    A Wise Registry Cleaner

    Fortunately, I found a mysterious product that can fix those registry errors automatic and quickly. That is Registry Easy. It is so cute and clever that I can’t abandon it. Everyday, My first thing is run the appliance, and clean my computer. My mood is happy with the registry rubbish cleared.

    My Experience

    Below is a screenshot of Registry Easy. It can scan and fix ActiveX OLE, Application Paths, Empty Registry Keys, File Extensions, Font Entities, Help Section, Invalid File Associations, Invalid Shortcuts, Most Recent Used Files, Shared DLL’s Sections, Sounds Section, Start Menu Items, Startup Programs, System Software Settings, Uninstall Entries and User Software Settings.

    About the Manufacturer

    The Manufacturer of Registry Easy has conducted the business since 2006. Its professional and hard-working made the product one of the best Registry fixed software in the world. Here is a testimony recite form the official site “MAN! this program is so fast and so easy to use, i just had to leave a comment”

    Registry Easy Features

    What makes Registry Easy unique? A high-performance detection algorithm inside is the key. The algorithm makes the repairing work automatic and quick. For my experience, I just took me 30 seconds to fix all the registry errors, although it depended on the system you use. Beside the Registry fixed function. It bring you awesome and mysterious features. For backup as an example, you can easily recover any changes if required. Additional, Optimize System, System Fix, IE Tools are also useful tools.

    Below is the info of current version of Registry Easy:

    Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win 7

    Protection Against: Cleans registry and optimizes PC for better performance.

    How to Buy It

    It is Total free to scan your registry errors. If you also want to fixed them, you can buy it for economic price.

    Buy or Download here.

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